Key Player - Scotty Homan gets irie

report filed 4/26/00 6:10 am - Another beautiful day in paradise here at Anytime/Anywhere Studios. Nothing like knowing you're going to be leaving a place soon to make you appreciate its charms... that's right, the adventure in music journalism is going on the road again. We've got another couple of weeks here and then we roll East on I-40, destination HGMN headquarters in North Carolina. The plan is to spend the summer in the hotbed of music and camping festivals and work with the HGMN on a variety of special projects. Look for more details next week...

Meanwhile, there's plenty of music going on here in O.B. Caught Scotty Homan's new gig on Tuesday at Winstons. Seems that the guitar slinger plays keyboards as well and has been jamming with Overstand, a local rubbadub club that plays a variety of originals and rootsy covers. Although the crowd was thin, the band played well. Plenty of solid percussion work and rock steady beats.

Overstand is a side project for Homan, who sits in when his main gig with Psydecar has an off night. Rounding out the band's lean reggae grooves with an understated, rhythmic attack, Homan's electric keyboard stylings added another dimension, giving the sound greater depth and texture.

As the night progressed, folks continued to straggle in, and although it never really got crowded, there was good energy in the room for a Tuesday night.

Looking forward to seeing these guys again on a weekend when the place is going bonkers...

Had a big week for CD reviews. Some really good stuff too, including a couple of great jazz records from McCoy Tyner, who used to play piano for John Coltrane, and tenor sax monster Joshua Redman. Also had the pleasure of listening to the delightful new double live album from moe., as well as a solid debut release from instrumental rock guitarist Tom Chaffee, and a new compilation CD from San Diego's One Drop Entertainment.

We've posted a new feature article, Infringe Benefit - Crime pays or so the record industry claims in its mad scramble to put the lid on a Pandora's box called 'Napster,' as well as few new links for your cyber hopping pleasure.

Got a slew of live music on the docket this week, including shows by Wise Monkey, Psydecar, King Cartel, and Government Grown. Look for photos from those performances and a whole lot more when we update the website next week -

happy trails...