McCoy Tyner
With Stanley Clark and Al Foster

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McCoy Tynerís place in jazz history has been a lock since his days playing piano with the John Coltrane Quartet back in the mid Ď60s. Face it, the guy is a legend. And rightly so - he is an innovator of both technique and approach who influenced virtually every other major jazz pianist to follow him. But Tyner isnít basking in past achievements. Thereís no time - heís too busy making music. Tynerís trios, quartets and big bands have released more than 65 albums over his forty plus year career. Amazingly, that doesnít even include this new release.

The new lineup is a jazz buffís dream. Al Foster on drums has worked with all the biggies- Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, and Horace Silver, to name a few, and Stanley Clarkeís monster bass chops have been nothing short of phenomenal since he rocked the jazz world with the 70ís fusion supergroup, Return To Forever. The combination is stunning. Seven of the self titled albumís eleven tunes were penned by Tyner, and Clarke also contributes an original composition. From easy swing, thinking manís funk and melodic ballads to Afro-Cuban influenced post bop, thereís a delightful assortment of moods on this record, as well as an obvious chemistry among the players. Even the cover art is outstanding!