One Drop - Various Artists
Crazy Mother Funky Music Vol. 1

review = B+

One Drop Entertainment is a pillar of the San Diego music scene. They do it all. Booking, promoting, managing, -and- they produce records. An unabashed, invitation only party for the best of the One Drop stable, -Crazy Mother Funky Music- is a local, who’s who groovefest. Best known of the bunch, Wise Monkey Orchestra gets a couple of tracks - "Truth" from their ’98 release -Make Believe-, and "Flying on My Imagination," featuring Ratdog’s Dave Ellis, off last year’s award winning -Pathways- album. The other bands delivering a one-two punch: Superunloader, with its hot and sweaty, horn driven rock; the Black Market Disciples, a techno flavored, reggae soaked groove generator with a sociopolitical bent; and the dubbish, red eyed and smiling tone science of Strictly Family. Tim Pacheco is easily the most visible individual on the disc, singing on five of the eleven tracks, including cuts from Black Market, Strictly Family, Psydecar, and one of the WMO tunes. Other standouts - the heavy rockin’, melodic angst of Soul Cracker, and Big Mike’s frenetic ska tinged rock. Neatly engineered sound bites, including a few from The Godfather reinforcing One Drop’s "family owned and operated" motto, gives CMFM a sense of humor and continuity lacking in most compilations. Check it out - one drop is all it takes.