review = A

The first thirty seconds of "L" tells the tale - impeccable acappella vocal harmonies bursting in an exotic celebration of sound that doesn’t stop rocking until the last track of this double CD is over. Easily moe.’s best work to date, "L" brings together a few outstanding live performances from last year’s nonstop cross country tour in one neat package. For starters, "L" -sounds- great. The grooves are fat, yet each instrument’s contribution to the mix is crisp. Unlike moe.’s previous live album from ‘96, -Loaf-, this release does not compromise audio quality for live jam spontaneity. In fact, the independently produced "L" sounds at least as good, if not better, than the band’s two prior -studio- albums, -No Doy- in ‘96, and -Tin Cans and Car Tires- in ‘98, both released on Sony 550 Music.

And then there’s the performances. Blazing through material spanning their career as well as a few previously unreleased numbers, moe. demonstrates both the skill and passion that propelled them to the top of the jamband heap almost a decade ago. Years of relentless gigging has perfected moe.’s multidimensional, yet accessible sound, an energetic blend of funky hippie rock with funkingruven world beats and an occasional dose of harmonica dipped Americana. They’ve always been good, but moe. just keeps getting better. "L" proves it.