Artist Collectives - A Las Vegas based affiliation of artists, musicians, writers, photographers with an international flavor. Lots of interesting and entertaining stuff to look at and read. Plenty of cool links too!

Magic Bus Forum - A networking service with lots-o-connections for independent bands making original music, regardless of style or genre, as well as clubs that actively support original music.

Home Grown Music Network - Independent bands helping each other spread the word about their great music - tons of band links, online HG radio programs and alot more...

Bands & Musicians

Tom Chaffee - Instrumental rock guitarist from southern California

Commander Cody - The all time king of rockin' boogie is also a painter, sculptor and alot more...

Conni Emerson - Award winning singer/songwriter and the leading lady of the Las Vegas music scene

King Cartel - Electric beatnik stylings for the new millennium

Leftover Salmon - Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass and cheeseburgers

Bill Laymon - Bass player for the David Nelson Band, former member of the Jefferson Starship, and pretty darned good songwriter

Mama Zeus - Bluesy groove rock with stunning dynamics and passionate female vocals

The Reunion - Acoustic soundscapes with an international flavor

Jason Robinson - Have a look into the world of San Diego saxman Jason Robinson

Tunji - New Orleans mysticism with jazz, soul and Afro-funk mutations by way of Austin, Texas

Glen Volsunga and Bacchanal - Mind bending sonic boinkfest from the Dali Lama of 'party naked' Las Vegas boogie

Wise Monkey Orchestra - Polytextured and highly danceable grooves from San Diego

Concert Info

Becky's Schedule of Cool Music Stuff - Excellent resource from a lady who knows what's what -and- when - Very well organized database with up-to-date live music info

HOT! Las Vegas Jazz & Blues Scene - All the latest on what's cookin' at the neon city's jazz and blues hotspots

Trummerflora - San Diego's experimental music calendar

Walther Productions - a Maryland based music promoter that works with some great bands and events

Fan Stuff

Las Vegas Jamband Society - In an effort to build a viable jamband scene in Las Vegas, local music freaks and Legends Lounge are working together under the LVJS umbrella - check out their website for upcoming shows, reviews and the latest neon city jamnews

Journalism Resources

All Music Guide - An exhaustive, up-to-date searcheable database on everybody and everything involved in all types of music

Book Finder - Trying to track down an out of print book? This is the place to find it.

Music Journalist - The name says it - is a great resource for writers and photographers

Rock and Roll Vault - Online music news time capsule


The Board Zone - Everything from board gear to cool shades for your favorite sidewalk surfer

The Headquarters- A one stop online headshop that is also a benefactor of the live music scene

One Drop Entertainment - In addition to hard to find merch, photos and music downloands from the San Diego music scene, this website is the home of the Crazy Mother Funk Music record label.

Twilight Dance Designs - Custom, hand made clothes, guitar straps, purses, bags and other kind goodies


Jay Blakesberg - Longtime contributor to Rolling Stone and many others, Jay Blakesberg is one of the top rock and roll photographers currently on the scene. In addition to stunning concert photos, Blakesberg is a studio snapper par excellence with tons of major label album and newsstand magazine covers in his portfolio.

Robert Minkin - Senior Photographer for Relix magazine and a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone and many others, Robert Minkin's website is loaded with cool stuff including tons-o-shots featuring the Grateful Dead, and too many others to list.

Shotlive Photos - This is the page of Alan Hess, a San Diego based music photographer and it's chock full of great images.

Jonathan Turick - Wonderful photo site from a snap happy jamfan of home grown proportions

Gil Warren - A nice assortment of cool, jamband photos from Gil Warren of Morning Glory Visuals.

Print & Online Publications

Alternate Music Press - the title says it all

Athens Music Project - Lots of great photos, local music calendars, message board and more cool stuff on the jamband scene in Athens, Georgia

Backstreets - The Bruce Springsteen fanzine

Feedback Magazine - An Atlanta based music monthly that covers a wide variety of music - focuses on new music with features, interviews and a dash of social and philosophical commentary from the publisher

Hittin' the Note - Official fanzine of the Allman Brothers

Ice Magazine - The place to find the newest CD releases

Jam Bands @ About - Neat resource for jamfans with original articles, games/contests, news, forums, links and show/album reviews. - A comprehensive monthly online 'zine with daily news blurbs, dedicated to, what else, jambands!

Music Business Journal refers to itself as "The Internet Publication for the Global Music Business," and that's a fairly accurate summary - this site has everything from articles and interviews on the business side of music to a nice selection of links from international recording industry organizations, music industry conferences, and alot of other useful music biz stuff from around the world.

Musicbox-Online - "Dedicated to Exploring the World of Music," Musicbox is updated DAILY with CD and concert reviews from the Chicago area. There's also music news, setlists, a separate section for books and movies, as well as lots of cool links.

The Night Owl - Cool music website with jazz and rock reviews

Pause Record - An online treasure chest of reviews, feature articles, and the most complete -link- pages anywhere.

Relix - "Music for the Mind," lots of great jamband and Grateful Dead related coverage for over a quarter century

Rock & Roll Reporter - Pittsburgh based monthly covering music and film - lots of articles, interviews, editorials and other cool stuff for rock & roll fans to enjoy.

Signal to Noise - "The Journal of Improvisational and Experimental Music," is an exceptional bimonthly out of Burlington Vermont. Well written with a dynamic layout, STN covers serious jazz, with lots of Sun Ra and jamband related artists

Vermont Review - Very hip, jammy/jazzy online and in print publication from southern Vermont, featuring reviews, interviews, photos and essays

Wall Of Sound - Professionally written online 'zine with news, reviews and lots of top notch music related content


NEW!! Randex Communications - Got a band that the rest of the world need to know about? Check out the services of Randy Alexander and his krewe at Randex Communications to get the word out.

Radio Programs - Website of Bill Wright, DJ at WRNR 103.1 FM in Annapolis, and avid supporter of psychedelic and jamband music

NEW!! Stumble In The Dark - Website of James Mullins, DJ at KDHX in St. Louis, who does a great job promoting jam scene locally and nationwide

Record Labels

Lauan - Lots of jamband stuff here including Wise Monkey Orchestra, Jiggle the Handle, Day By the River and Vinyl

Phoenix Rising - Home of Kingfish, The Big Wu, Foxtrot Zulu, Ozric Tentacles, Sonia Dada and many more

Relix Records - Hot Tuna, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and many more

SCI Fidelity - In house label from the String Cheese Incident is also home to Keller Williams

Travel Destinations

NEW!! Bearcat's Getaway - Situated outside St. Louis in Lesterville, MO, Bearcat's Getaway is a jamfan's ultimate campground. Located along the beautiful Black River, the Bearcat is apx. of 100 acres of camping, swimming and great music with two stages, including a large amphitheater that was home for Leftover Salmon's -Salmonfest-. Owners Dave and Glee Suntrup host live music every weekend on the campground stage, and from what we hear, really have a great thing goin' on at the Bearcat!

Fur Peace Ranch - Jorma Kaukonan's guitar camp in Meigs County, Ohio is a great place to spend a weekend for anyone looking to improve their fret skills and hang out with one of the greatest guitar players in rock and roll history.

Venues - Live Music

NEW!! Cicero's - The jamband outpost in St. Louis, check out Cicero's website for a complete archive of recordings from the live shows that have made Cicero's one of the top jambars in the country, as well a bunch of cool links, their music calendar of upcoming shows, and lots more...

Stanhope House - This is the unofficial website of HGMN Venue Affiliate, the Stanhope House, in Stanhope, NJ, by Rob Ortiz

Winstons - Jamband friendly and situated within easy stumbling distance of Anytime/Anywhere studios in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego, Winstons is a live music hot spot


Ocean Beach Spy Cam - check out what's going on in Ocean Beach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Dead Art - A link page that's a great place to start a long strange trip thru cyber space...

Visual Gallery - Massive poster art website


NEW!! Joseph 'Red Dog' Campbell - is an original roadie for the Allman Brothers, dating back to the legendary southern rock band's inception in the late '60s. Red Dog has written a new book, 'A Book of Tails,' that is a raucous, insider's first hand account of the sex, drugs and rock & roll lifestyle the Allman Brothers were living in their early years. A Book of Tails can be purchased directly from Red Dog's website, and if you are an Allman Brothers fan, or just wanna know what it's like to go behind the scenes with one of the wildest rock bands of all time, this book is a must for your library.

UPDATED!! Ed Decker- Poet, lyricist and hardnosed freelance journalist who gets his best material from smoke filled dive bars and the bordellos of Peru, Ed Decker is the only scribe qualified to pen his semi-monthly column, "Sordid Tales from a Bartender in Heat."

Phil Demetrion - Relix' man in Paris, 'Mr. Phil' Demertion's site has lots of great journals and photos. In addition to a focus on Widespread Panic and Phish, Mr. Phil does lots of travel photo galleries from Europe. Great links too...

David Gans - In addition to hosting the nationally syndicated Grateful Dead Hour, Gans is an accomplished musician and has published several books

Hank Harrison - Author of numerous books on the Grateful Dead, and a variety of other topics, father of rock and roller, Courtney Love, and an all around fascinating guy

Blair Jackson - Deadhead extraordinaire and author of The Music Never Stops, and Garcia - An American Life, Jackson was also the publisher of the Golden Road, a wonderful dead fanzine back in the '80s

Ken Kesey - World famous author and merry prankster, Kesey's website is a window to a trip that continues to go furthur...

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