Splash Imagery

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers - 6/21/00

Gilbert Shelton's FFB have been counterculture heroes for decades, always skirting the law as they buzz from one adventure to the next. Although times have changed, their high spirited hyjinx continue on this week's splash page...

Satchmo - 6/15/00

Rediscovered this shot of the late great Louis Armstrong while going through some old files. Couldn't resist putting it front and center... photo taken by Philippe Halsman in 1966

M-O Man - 6/8/00

Came across this nifty image at the Miracle Orchestra show. Saw it on some of the band's flyers and thought it was cool. How cool? So cool, it's this week's splash image!

Rocks and Toes - 5/31/00

At some point in the program, every photographer shoots themself in the foot

Bruce's View - 5/11/00

Situated behind the drum kit, high atop the riser situated at the rear of the stage, drummers always have an interesting view of the crowd, not to mention life itself. In this case, we turn the tables on WMO's keeper of the beat, Bruce Staddola, and in the process, capture a glimpse of what he might see between the fine lines of reality and perception.

Fig's Moon - 5/2/00

Inspired by the twinkling San Diego night sky, former Olympic pole vaulter and current Anytime/Anywhere Studio in house graphics guru, Figglethorp Cuccuckachu's cosmic vision raises the bar for the vault of his dreams


One Drop Drummer - 4/26/00

Cover image for One Drop Entertainent's new compilation CD, Crazy Mother Funky Music, the One Drop Drummer was created by Droopy, a local artist who can be reached at Ace Tattoo (619) 222-5097

Winston's Logo - 4/19/00

Came across this colorful little wall painting at Winstons the other night. Catching a few funny looks from people for snapping a picture of the wall as the band raged on stage and the dance floor rocked, our in house photographer thought the hand painted image would look sharp online, and undaunted by questions being raised in the minds of others, took the shot.

O.B. Zobo - 4/12/00

Every town has a clown, and O.B. has Zobo. Strategically positioned in front of a thrift shop on Newport Avenue, the town's main drag, Zobo smiles at the passing crowd regardless of what the Dow Jones Industrial Average did the day before, how many hits his obzobo.com fansite gets, or which presidential candidate is doing their best impression of him. Sure, Zobo is the town clown, but at least he's nobody's fool.

Spring is spun - 4/4/00

The high spirited and hardworking team of kaleidoscope eyed imageologists from the Anytime/Anywhere Graphic Labs have their own special way of announcing that Spring is officially spun, with this rare, computer enhanced image.

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