Splash Imagery
1st Quarter 2000

Note Doodle - 3/28/00

We put a thousand monkees in front of a thousand Adobe Photoshop programs and this is what we came up with...


The Inventor - 3/21/00

Charles W. C. Johnson was a miner, photographer, musician and dance instructor, who is seen here demonstrating his one-man band invention.

Wise Monkey at the White House - 3/14/00

photo by Reed Stewart, check out Monkey Biz for more photos of WMO having fun at the public's expense on their wild and wacky Winter Tour 2000

Dancin' Zimmy - 3/7/00

Originally a pencil sketch, dancin' Zimmy really started to show his true colors in the Anytime/Anywhere graphics lab


Willy Eeyaw - 3/1/00

Willy the burro lives the wild life, roaming the desert terrain between Phoenix and Tucson with a rogue herd of like-minded, free spirited, former pack mules, each in search of something more than a lifetime spent as someone else's beast of burden...


Mr. Beanie - 2/22/00

logo for the Newbreak Coffee Shop in Ocean Beach - design by Ray Blavatt.


Grateful Dead Fans- 2/15/00

photograph by Bill Hughes - taken in '95 at the final show of the Dead's five year Las Vegas run at the Sam Boyd Silver Bowl


Westwind Tie-Dye - 2/8/00

close up shot of a tie-dye bandana created by cloth and color artist, Karen Dillingham.

Bob - 2/1/00

came across Bob in the 'Old Town' section of San Diego. Perched on an otherwise empty bench in front of a small store, Bob is the perfect official greeter. Willing to work long hours for no pay, Bob's unfailing smile is an inspiration...


Dexter Doodle - 1/25/00

a little drum and guitar doodle inspired by Dexter Grove, the hardest working two piece band on the planet


A Tribute to Sun Ra - 1/18/00

by George Milo Buck. Specializing in impressionist paintings of jazz and blues musicians, Buck sells limited edition lithos and high quality postcards of his work. Wanna know more - give him a call at (510)595-1113 or by e-mail at lookapypy@aol.com


Eye Doodle - 1/4/00

started as an ink drawing sketched on the back of a too thin sheet of used typing paper. Color and misc. enhancements developed in the Anytime/Anywhere studio's graphics lab...