Body and Soul - the Hipbone Connection

report filed 6/21/00 8:39 am est- Watching a local band rip it up in front of their hometown crowd is always fun. Especially for the first time. Although the newbee doesn't have a clue about what's coming next, the faithful are singing along, bopping and grinding to each and every funky break with a proud familiarity. It's a membership-has-its-privilieges kind of thing.

Had the pleasure of experiencing exactly that on Friday, when Hipbone scorched through two high energy sets at Peasants. A hot and sweaty lady magnet with plenty of booty shakin' rhythm, the Hipsters had the place rockin' all night long.A quartet fronted by Brion Snyder, a versatile keyboard player/guitarist/vocalist with a quick sense of humor and mop top charm, Hipbone put on an action packed show and were alot of fun. Looking forward to seeing these guys again!

We've got a nice assortment of fresh content this week. One of our kind buds from O.B., Will K. Shilling, submitted an outstanding article on Wise Monkey Orchestra. Shilling is a San Diego based music journalist and regular contributor to the San Diego Reader, and No Cover magazine, among other music rags, and we're very pleased to post his feature, SIGNIFYING MONKEYS - San Diego's Wise Monkey Orchestra sell their Soul on the road.

CD Reviews- yep, that's right. We've got a couple of those too! This week we take a look at a pair of excellent releases: Home Grown 4, the new compilation from the Home Grown Music Network, and Alone At Last - Live with DJ WHO, from Lake Trout.

Also want to mention a couple of bands who submitted CDs, which although not current enough for full review, nonetheless warrant mention. One Eyed Jack is a very talented East coast band that plays a whiskey soaked brand of bluesy southern fried rock. Live at the Lion's Den, N.Y.C. is a solid outing and well worth a listen. Odds are that One Eyed Jack is powerhouse on stage. Another fine live CD came to us from Isabelle Haze out of Chicago, Illinois. Also a bit on the bluesy side, but with more of a keyboard driven jazz vibe and straight ahead funk influence, Isabelle Haze Live is a loosy goosy good time. If you get the chance, go see both of these bands. They're good.

OK, what else? We've also posted - Local Beat - This weekend’s blockbuster festival of jambands from the Home Grown Music Network is as much about community as the music itself

And that's pretty much it this time out. After this update gets posted, it's time to hit the highway again, this time due north enroute to the Jammy Awards in New York City, and then the Gathering of the Vibes festival in Connecticut. Of course, our photo crew will be armed and dangerous during the entire three day music and camping festival. There's going to be some great bands there, including Deep Banana Blackout, John Scofield, Merl Saunders, Strangefolk, among many others, so if all goes well, we'll have images-o-plenty next week, when our little adventure in music journalism continues...