Lake Trout
Alone At Last - Live with DJ WHO

review = B+

There’s something very hypnotic about Lake Trout. Like Zen masters repeating a secret mantra on the road to spiritual enlightenment, they build their music one phrase at a time. Example: "Little Things In Different Places." Opening with a clean, understated guitar riff that comes around every four beats, the track takes shape with the soft strum of a rhythm guitar joined by the ethereal textures of a flute as they wash across the soundscape together like waves crashing to the beach - rhythmic and soothing. Forget about easy listening though - way too much edge here. Contrasting the dreamy poly-patterns, a manic, hyped up drum beat races from zero to warp speed in a pitter patter nanosecond. And that’s just for starters. Sax, turntable scratch and signal processed vocals and are among the endless assortment of sounds floating in and out of the mix. Call it ‘trance-jam.’ Part techno, part industrial, with a hint of jazz and a dash of funk, Lake Trout has a loopish, layered approach, sonically engineered to seduce the subconscious mind with a kaleidoscope of swirling audio patterns. The kicker: Lake Trout’s sound is not some recording engineer’s gadget box trickery. These guys do it live. -Alone At Last, Live with DJ WHO- (available only online at and shows just how tasty fresh Lake Trout can be.