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Various Artists - Home Grown 4

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Compilations from the Home Grown Music Network have become a fast tradition. Fans love ‘em because HGMN CDs are chock full of great music they’ve never heard before. It’s a trust thing. Sifting through mailbags of CDs and press kits they receive daily, the Home Grown crew discard bushels of schwag before uncovering the few kind nuggets potent enough to rock the world of their music savvy listeners. Bands love ‘em too. Not only is it an honor to be invited into the HGMN (less than 10% of the applicants survive the rigorous criteria for high grade music and regional touring), its good exposure. Damn good. The HGMN sends out thousands of promotional CDs to radio stations and the press, and mails over 150,000 catalogs a year to its rapidly growing, international fan base. Home Grown 4 keeps the tradition going strong with arguably its best compilation to date. From the hot funk of Deep Banana Blackout and Wise Monkey Orchestra’s swanky So-Cal rhythms to the world beat soul of Baaba Seth and Gordon Stone’s banjo jazz, the common denominator isn’t -style-, it’s -approach-. HGMN bands ‘jam.’ simple as that. Just ask fans of The Big Wu, Stir Fried, Inasense, Native, Refried Confusion, and Dexter Grove. Better yet, pick up Home Grown 4 - then you’ll be jammin’ too.

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