Cultivating the Jam - Government Grown's bumper crop is ready to harvest

report filed 2/15/00- 9:08 am- Big week here at Anytime/Anywhere studios for Government Grown! Not only do we have the pleasure of posting several shots from GG's recent show at Winstons, there's also an Artist Profile and CD review of their new disc, Live On The Coast Again, posted for your reading pleasure.

It was a good night at Winstons. Lots of GG faithful were on hand to fill the dance floor - a wiggle happy crew of young rug-cutters who seem to know all the words to GG's songs. Great energy loop between the band and dancers! Both the article and review discuss the band's music, so rather than duplicate that stuff here, I'll let the images do the talking.

Government Grown maintains a busy touring schedule and everyone here at the studio recommends them highly. If you have the opportunity to check out GG in a town near you, by all means, go give 'em a listen... even if you can't experience GG live, have a look at their website for the latest GG news.

In other news:

Been busy pounding out CD reviews. In addition to the GG release, we've posted reviews of the Lowcountry Boil Bluegrass Band's, Break Me Off Some Bluegrass and Mecca Bodega's Live. Look for several more CD reviews next time.

AG from WMO has been a diligent road correspondent, e-mailing daily accounts of the band's adventures on their current cross country tour. Check out the latest Monkey Biz, as well as info on our WMO PHOTO CONTEST.

Let's what else... had the pleasure of speaking with the Sector 9 sound tribe the other day for an upcoming Artist Profile that will be posted next time. Also working on a feature article about the MP3 craze, and if it's really worth an independent band's time and money to get involved with downloadable music as it exists today...

The new Points On A line column, Turn the Page - Book Magic, the 'Braryo and Travelin' Light, is now posted exclusively at, which means last month's column, The Principal Of Change, Wise Monkey Orchestra and US Winter Tour 2000, is now posted here.

OK, 'til next time, that was this time...