Government Grown
Live on the Coast Again


Government Grown smokes concert stages like Cheech and Chong suck down bong hits - with a smile. The buzz is infectious. They know it and so do their fans. Releasing a live album was a no-brainer. Now everybody can burn some fresh GG in the privacy of their own headphones.

-Live on the Coast Again-, was recorded at a show last July in San Diego, GGís original hometown. No overdubs. No mixing and matching the best versions of songs from as many shows. Nope. -Live- is just one random nightís worth of uncut, high grade sonic stimuli from a jam happy quartet. It was a good night. For starters, GGís music is danceable. Drummer/lead vocalist Jeremy Moss is a one man, four piston rhythm engine. Bass player Harley Orion rumbles low end grooves with melodic, rock phrases that perfectly compliment guitarist Tyler Hardwick, and keyboard player Rob Lamonicís psychedelic-Afro-Caribbean textural interplay. Thereís lots of energy here. Plenty of dynamics too. Although big on improv, the G-menís extended jams are adventures, more compelling than most cut-loose-and-noodle outfits currently blowing smoke up the jamband sceneís tie-dyed peasant skirt. Toss in a little sound tribe spirituality, lyrics with substance and a focus on fun, and itís easy to see why GG decided to do it, -Live On the Coast Again-.