The Lowcountry Boil Bluegrass Band
Break Me Off Some Bluegrass

review = B

The Lowcountry Boil Bluegrass Band is a throwback to a more innocent time. Unlike most of the -newgrass- bands currently on the scene, the LBBB doesnít have a drummer. Hell, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver didnít need one - why should they? Same with signal processed electric guitars and funky bass lines. That stuff just ainít happniní here. The LBBB is way too acoustic for that noise. Not to mention traditional.

Hailing from South Carolina, the LBBB is an all string quartet (guitar, two mandolins and a standup bass) deeply rooted in bluegrass culture. Nothing fancy, just sweet harmonies and lots of good music. So good, legendary fiddle wiz Vassar Clements decided to sit in for half the record. -Break Me Off Some Bluegrass- finds the LBBB swinging a wide musical loop. "Shamrockin," a spirited instrumental opens the album with a four clover dose of Celtic folk, while the haunting, "Take A Look Around" invokes an old world, traveling minstrel vibe. Thereís plenty of straight ahead bluegrass too. "My Time To Fly," and "Sibling Rivalry" are both good time, kick-up-yer-boots moonshine stompers. In fact, -Break Me Off Some Bluegrass- is a solid debut from grain to biscuits - itíll have the entire family doing the happy yee haw.