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Cucumber Cutie - 2/13/02

Everyone knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Llamarama XJQ-27 - 10/29/01

Somewhere far beyond the black and white reality of fact rests the polychromatic fiction of Llamarama XJQ-27, the galaxy's most colorful beast of burden...

Catfish Stirfry - 10/12/01

Seems fitting with this update's focus on The Recipe, that we share for the first time anywhere, our world famous 'secret' recipe for catfish stirfy. Actually there's four variations. And they all involve cutting an appropriate amount of catfish fillet into bitesize pieces and marinating them for a few hours. If you've got a sweet tooth, give our 'pineapple' catfish a try. Marinate the catfish pieces in, you guessed it, pineapple slices and their juice, with something along the lines of Lowry's "Citrus/Orange" '30 Minute Marinade.' For more of a BBQ flavor, use Lea & Perrins Steak Sauce, that's right -steak- sauce, and a dark cooking wine/sherry as the marinade. In addition to the catfish, pre-cut whatever veggies you like (we prefer broccoli, carrots and mushrooms) and when you're ready to cook, start by stir-frying the veggies. Again there are two options. For a sweet taste, go with the 'World Harbor' brand of Teryaki marinade, or for something completely different, (we call it 'maple-mustard') squirt some maple syrup and regular yellow mustard, along with a little bit of white cooking wine, to stirfry the veggies. Be careful not to overcook the veggies - they only need a few minutes. When the veggies are done, put 'em aside, and drop the fish in the wok along with its marinade. Let the fish pieces cook for a minute, flip 'em over, then drop all the veggies on top, let the whole thing cook for another couple of minutes (at most) and, presto, your adventures in catfish stirfry have begun!!


Sad Face 9-1-1 - 9/21/01

Three lines and two dots say more than a thousand words ever could...

La boite de Pandore, 1951 - 8/24/01

We've splashed Rene Magritte's (1898-1967) surrealistic creations across our pages before, and lately, there's been a groundswell of support here at Anytime/Anywhere Studio to feature more of Magritte's work on the website. As you might expect, scuttlebutt around the coffee dripper has been a heated debate on the unwritten, 'once and done' rule, of not repeating an artist for our Splash page. But after careful consideration of all the variables involved, the pros and cons, pluses and minuses, our highly trained production staff unanimously concluded that the timing was indeed right for another of Magritte's distinctive, and thought provoking images to grace our Splash page...

Invasion of the Smilin' Eyeclops - 8/6/01

The Smilin' Eyeclops are cosmic comedians. Descending through space from a galaxy beyond comprehension, these happy go lucky extraterrestial's salty one-liners rain down from the heavens on a regular basis. Haven't crossed paths with the Smilin' Eyeclops? Try this: think of something funny and wink... o)

Cup & Yoda - 7/18/01

Waiting for a drink in a crowded bar ain't fun... just ask Yoda.

Sand Dogs - 6/28/01

With office space at a premium in the local real estate market, the Anytime/Anywhere Studio's highly trained staff has learned to work under difficult, often distracting conditions...

Yoda and the Raven - 6/11/01

Shapes and colors... play around with 'em long enough and you just might discover something new.

Rock Dog - 6/1/01

Nobody has more fun than the Rock Dog. Not even Spudz. Check him out: the smile, the shades, that certain something that says, "Put on your dancin' shoes because fun is in the house!" We like this party pooch's vibe and thought you would too... special thanks to the parental units for sending him my way!

Glowing Flowers - 5/19/01

Last year at around this time our foot loose and freewheeling photo crew got fancy with some enhanced shots of nature's glory. We thought the final result looked pretty cool, and decided to slap one up for our current splash image...

Lost Monkey Gallery - 5/6/01

A few weeks ago we reported that images from Wise Monkey's incredible two night run at Winstons were lost forever due to camera problems. The loss was particularly agonizing because WMO used a mind bending light show that weekend, soaking the packed room with colors that danced in time with the music... just the sort of stuff we like here at Anytime/Anywhere studios. Well, we were wrong about losing those shots. Thanks to their perserverence and resourcefulness, our hardworking production crew finally figured out a way to retrieve the images! We're so stoked, we created The Lost Monkey Photo Gallery to showcase these extra special pictures, and picked one of our favorite's for this update's splash page.

Mutant Bus 51 - 4/25/01

Aliens in a purple microbus, groove generators on stage, kind vibes in the air, and music freeks everywhere... welcome to the Area 51 Sound Test!

Hand With Reflecting Sphere - by M.C. Escher - 4/15/01

No artist blurred the lines of fact and fiction more craftily than M.C. Escher (1898-1972). Drawn in 1935, Hand With Reflecting Stone is just one of the many images created by the Dutch artist that manipulate patterns and space to bend the planes of perception.

Quark Sparkle - 4/2/01

Somewhere in a distant solar system at the far corner of the universe, our intergalactic 'space jam' correspondent, Quark Sparkle, treats herself to a well deserved sensory overload of color, motion and sound, as part of her ongoing stimulus/response research in preparation for the upcoming Area 51 Soundtest...

The Piper Of Dreams - by Estella Canziani - 3/18/01

Painted in 1914 by English/Italian artist Estella Canziani (1887-1964), The Piper Of Dreams is musical adventurer from another dimension. After falling asleep and missing the Big Wu show last Monday, the Piper seemed an appropriate splash image as well...

Self Portrait - Geoff Bugbee - 3/7/01

Several years ago, I used to trade Grateful Dead tapes for cool concert photos with a very crafty lens snapper named Geoff Bugbee. Found this image of my old tradin' buddy recently while going through a box of memorabilia and thought it would make a perfect splash image. Neat, huh?

Miles - by Guido Sieber - 2/22/01

Always on the lookout for music related art, our hardworking production crew noticed this wonderful image of Miles Davis, painted by Guido Sieber, in a post card rack at the local rock shop. A German artist who's work crosses international borders, Sieber is fast becoming a new favorite here at Anytime/Anywhere Studios

The False Mirror - by Rene Magritte - 2/11/01

Painted in 1928 by the wildly innovative French surrealist, Rene Magritte, this striking image is one of our favorite windows to an awareness of more than meets the eye.

Red Lipstick - 1/26/01

Maybe it's the glare of the sun reflecting off the water, but for a moment, the porpoise at play looked like a pelican in red lipstick...

Pathways - by Mark McDowell

A big favorite around the Anytime/Anywhere Studios, the artwork of Mark McDowell is featured on the cover of several WMO albums, including this image from Wise Monkey's '99 studio gem, Pathways. Sure, the Pathways artwork has graced the website before, but heck, the painting captures the road vibe so well that we couldn't resist running it again along with the images from WMO's 2000/2001 New Years's Eve show in Durango, Colorado.

Saint Squiggy - 12/23/00

He may not know who's been naughty and who's been nice, but Saint Squiggy doesn't care, he just wants to dance...

Ratdots - 11/23/00

"Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right..." Case in point: Ratdog's recent concert at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Evolution Hour - 10/20/00

Thanks a bunch to Una Toibin-Hamilton for allowing us to feature her artwork on our Splash page. Una's paintings have been all over the music scene and most recently, she's been making her mark in cyberspace too. The 'Psychedelic Bus of Dead Knowledge,' is an interactive CD-ROM game that features Una's images on the package cover, as well as in the game itself. Her work has also been the cover art for numerous CDs and magazines, as well as limited edition posters and T-shirts. Everyone here thinks she's great, and we're thrilled to have Una's images grace our website!!

Bearly Blurry - 9/28/00

For the past several years, the Bearly Edible grilled cheese sandwich booth has been a welcome and familiar sight to hungry campers at weekend music festivals around the country. And what better way to greet visitors to our website than an image and column featuring the kind folks behind the world's greatest grilled cheese?

New Next Now - 8/30/00

We first crossed paths with Sean Scott a few months ago. He took the time out of his busy day to comment on one of my 'Points On a Line' columns for jambands.com. Saying that although a painter, he related to the column's topic of independent bands taking a 'community' approach to their business plan. We agreed that it's the same for all creative types who choose to pursue their dreams. And nobody understands that better than Sean Scott. Wanna know more? Send Sean an email at scotts8@fhs.csu.McMaster.CA, or call 905.528.3422

Family Van - 8/13/00

Came across Wesley Dezern of Harmony, NC, and his amazing RV at the Jomeokie 'Fest. More than just a stylish ride, Dezern's RV depicts images of himself and his family members getting down in a little home style musical jamboree. The paintings were done by artist Pat Waldron, who cast himself as the guitar player in the green shirt. Wanna see more of Waldron's work? Check out his website.

Squigkey - 7/19/00

Some folks just have music flowing from their fingertips...

Stone Face - 7/8/00
An unexpected smile and high five awaits explorers of the rocky shore at the perimeter of the Gathering of Vibes music and camping festival, courtesy of lifestyle artist and all around extraordinary person, Junipa of Walther Productions.

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