Points On a Line
a monthly column for Jambands.com

11/01 - Beyond Form - Ken Kesey Was a Man Of Action

7/01 - Doggy Style - A new book by longtime Allman Brothers Roadie, ‘The Legendary Red Dog,’ takes readers on a fast paced walk through the sex, drugs and rock & roll of the band’s early years

6/01 -Punctuation of Silence - Sports talk radio, music journalism, and a refreshing dose of peace and quiet

5/01 - Flying Colors - Las Vegas Jam Band Society Passes the Area 51 Sound Test

4/01 - Future Shock - Media Coverage of High School Shootings Reawakens the Angry Young Man Snoozing Peacefully In a Mellow Old Guy’s Forgotten Fears

3/01- Joint Effort - By rolling jamband friendly music venues across the country into its fold, the HGMN gives previously isolated ‘micro’ communities a new way to share the buzz

2/01 - Test Of Time - Like an old friend you haven’t seen in years, listening to music from the past effortlessly triggers memories long forgotten

12/00 - Chill Out - Opting to dig Wise Monkey Orchestra instead of snow on New Years Eve makes the long drive from New York to Colorado easy sledding

11/00 - Food For Thought - Overstuffing 496 hours of holiday spirit into a turkey named Napster
might just
cook the goose that laid the musical egg

10/00 - Now We’re Swingin’ - Featuring a score written by the performance itself,
post season baseball is a symphony of athleticism

9/00 - The Beat Goes On - Interviews, Road Trips, and Deadlines, or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

8/00 - Outlaw Country - Music trends come and go, but the ‘Red Headed Stranger’s prolific career proves that artistic integrity is always in fashion

7/00 - Asphalt Haze - a poem inspired by the rock and roll highway

6/00 - Community Project - new opportunities in cyberspace are giving jambands more ways than ever before to keep things harmonious right here at home

5/00 - Online Opportunity - The rapidly changing music biz has become a digital battleground, and everyone from record companies, bands and even fans, are dueling it out for a slice of the cyberspace pie

4/00 - All Better - The annual All Good Festival comes full circle with a new venue

3/00 - Happy Camper - Almost two decades apart, a couple of summer camp adventures make for one long, strange musical trip

2/00 - Turn the Page - Book Magic, the 'Braryo and Travelin' Light

1/00 - The Principal of Change - WMO and US Winter Tour 2000

12/99 - The Top Ten HGMN Studio Albums of the Millennium

11/99 - Skeleton Faith - Singer/songwriter Mark Huff Keeps the Faith and Records an Album He Can Live With

10/99 - Family Affair - Chance Meetings at a Music and Camping Festival are Sometimes as Much Fun as the Music Itself

9/99 - Groove Movie - Filmmaker Scott Graham and co-producers Ginger Sheehy and Phil Spell roll one for the ages on the "Road to Equinox"

8/99 - Dancing - Vortex to Transcendence is Madness to Those Who Can't Hear the Music

7/99 - Groove Beacon - Legends Lounge Hits Cyberspace

6/99 - Role Players - There's Alot More to the Scene than Being on Stage

5/99 - Pete Gershon - Keeper of the Gateway From Jazz to Jamband

4/99 - Circles of Kindness - a Yin/Yang Adventure of Recipricol Miracles

3/99 - Interview with Dave Ellis

2/99 - If Only the Walls Could Talk - Amy's first night