Who is mrlee?

Lee Abraham is a freelance writer/photographer currently on assignment in Ocean Beach, California. Specializing in music journalism, Lee is a frequent contributor to Relix magazine and the Las Vegas Weekly, as well as being a featured monthly columnist for Jambands.com and the quarterly newsletter of the Las Vegas Songwriters Association. His work has also been featured in High Times, Signal To Noise, CityLife, Mountain Xpress, and other music publications. Lee was nominated for 'Writer of the Year,' at the recent 1st Annual Jammy Awards, sponsored by Jambands.com, and is currently working on his first book, "Music For the Mind, Relix Magazine and a Quarter Century of Rock and Roll Journalism."

What's up with the photos?

All photos posted to mrlee.com are taken with a Minolta 1500 d'image ex - a digital camera with a detachable lens. Shooting with both wide angle and zoom while manipulating shutter speeds under a variety of lighting conditions, the goal is to capture images that are a window to an awareness of more than meets the eye. There are no computer enhanced effects or software generated images applied to the photos prior to publication, unless otherwise noted.

Portions of the webpage are clipped by my browser, can this be fixed?

Ouch... that sounds painful! Try the F-11 button or the "Full Screen" option on your browser's tool bar. If that doesn't work... well, hopefully that'll work!

Can I send a CD for review?

Sure. But there's no guarantee of what'll happen with it upon arrival. If our New Music Reviewer doesn't like it, rather than torch it online, it'll be given to someone who might be more into it. If we've got something good to say about it, then it'll at least get a mention in the -Journal-, and likely a write-up in the -CD Review- section of the site. From there, who knows where the adventure in music journalism might lead...

Please send all packages (the smaller the better) to:

Lee Abraham
4929 Del Monte #120
San Diego, CA 92107