WMO at Peasant's

by Marcie Vogel

3:30am EST 2/16/00 - Just got back from Peasant's - The local club where luckily they book LOTS of HGMN artists. It's our hometown stompin grounds and always a good vibe. Tonite was "Mug nite" where students can bring as big a mug they want and get it filled for really cheap.

This is always discouraging to me as sometimes there are more people there to drink than to pay respects to the band playing. Tonite was not one of those nights. A large contingency came out to show their support for WMO and those who came for beer got a pleasant kick in the ass when WMO took stage.

It's always such an amazing occurrence for me to watch 'the transformation'. I see it happen all the time and it's one of the main reasons I love my job and the music so much. People need a closer look....they get drawn to the stage...they start bopping and tapping feet and before they know it their smiling and shaking that ass! yes, WMO is very capable of 'the transformation' and by the end of the show everyone there was dancing. Of course (evil snicker). Something I've done naked in my living room since I got the my 1st WMO CD.

This was only my 2nd show and IMO, it was AMAZING! The vibes were flowing, my ass was shaking and I can't wait for saturday! I woke up truly excited about tonite and all day I just giggled out loud. After a brief trip thru hell to deal with a tow-truck and some other yucky stuff, I made it back to the office to find the Monkey's sitting in the 'conferece room' at work being interviewed for HG Radio by Daddy-O Lee Crumpton. It was much fun and there was plenty of monkeying around. Really got to share the love with the band. They are really wonderful people and I am so proud to be a part of the experience and growth. Have I mentioned how psyched I am for saturday?

I got to talk to Ally for a bit about the lyrics and meanings and feeling and her creativity and being a woman in a primarily male scene. Tomorrow I will read the lyrics again inside the CDs. You should, too.

Here's the setlist:

I. Taterfoot, Evergreen, Pathways, Dream On, Rest, Thorny Crown, Listen to the Voices, SLM, Pack it Up, Waitress, Robot Reality, Grass Skirt

II. Jerry's Song, Feel It, Demons, All Day, Truth, Other side, Zane's Song, Blink of an Eye, Rise Above, Thyme, Hell, Colorblind, Movin free We taped the show on DAT. Can't wait to listen again and spread it to all those who need to know about WMO. They'll definitely be back and I will be there! Sweet Dreams - :) Marcie