AG's Journal #9

day 30- 2/14- natural mystic's coffee house- asheville, nc.- today i got to visit my 98 year old grandmother that i haven't seen in 10 years as well as my aunt marie and uncle spence. it was great to see them. the show goes about as expected. monday night at a coffee house on valentine's day... there are some devoted fans there as well as some new ones that we made. the vibe is different as there are no people getting drunk and crazy. there are people dancing but there's a more sober appreciation of what we're doing. we have a great time playing. it's a very loose, improvisational show and we talk to the audience a lot. jordan, alley's 3 year old, comes up on stage and fools around, dancing and singing. we meet a taper, jeremy, who loves the band and promises to spread the word. those are the people that we need on our team. tomorrow we're in greenville, home of the homegrown network. we will be amongst friends.