AG's Journal #7

day 28- 2/12-orbits- frederickburg,va.- the tour of the white house was really cool. our tour guide, dana, told us all the history and lore of the white house. the highlight was as we were leaving, the president's motorcade was leaving for a wedding and passed right by us. we got a perfect close up view of the president and he even waived at us as he passed by. the show at orbit's that night went well. crowdwise it was a bit of a letdown after the rockin' show in baltimore. the cool thing was a lot of people came from pretty long distances to see us. there were a couple groups from virginia beach which is about three hours away. then some people from roanoke, which is four hours away, came and they just loved us. they had been listening to one of our cd's and were so excited to see us. that's what it's all about! they are planning on coming to a bunch of shows in north carolina as well. tomorrow we are staying with our good buddy and pathways engineer rich maloney, currently dave matthews guitar tech. we have the day off so beers and good times are in order!