AG's Journal #6

day 27- 2/11- recher theater-baltimore,md.- the show last night at the blue star in lancaster, pa. was great. the drive turned out to be about 8 hrs. and we got there just before we had to play. everyone was fried but the energy of the recipe's crowd of about 300 people kept us fired up. we had a nice mellow 2 hr. drive to baltimore. everyone relaxed and caught up on lost rest. marty and i had a much needed sushi dinner before the show. it turned out to be the highlight of the tour so far. the guys in the recipe told us that this was their biggest show. they were right, as about 700 people were screaming and groovin' to the monkey. reed showed up with the rv just after we started and james arrived at about 1am with the van. it was a pretty emotional evening considering what we've been through the last 4 we have all of our family back together and we're fully locked and loaded and ready for action. once again, huge, huge thanks to michelle in portland for putting james up, to big don and torbin for returning our rental vehicles, smitty at the snow barn and especially the recipe for sharing their awesome crowd with us. what a great bunch of people. tomorrow we get to go on a tour of the white house. reed knows one of the interns so we get the special insider tour. onward ho!