AG's Journal #3, Days 13- 19

day 13(cont.)- we exchange hellos with our buddy the wease, upstate new york's top morning show radio personality, and do a little interview. he plays a bunch of songs from our cd's as i get prepped for the contest. what an experience! theres nothing like watching 20 huge guys shovel wings into their faces, sweating and puking till they can't eat anymore. the winner finished with 78 wings and for an encore, he projectile vomited into his provided trash can. fun morning! we're playing at the water st. music hall which is a gorgeous place. the owner, john, really laid out the red carpet for us and cooked up a fantastic pasta meal for the whole band. we'd also like to thank mandy mueller with wcmf radio for all her help.

day 14- 1/29- wetlands,nyc- well, what is there to say about the wetlands. this is another one of those places that is just fun to play because it has a history of great bands playing there. the first band, fat mama, a psyedelic jazzy 7 piece band warmed the crowd with their cool avante garde jazz grooves. our set was definately one to remember. you could tell the sold out crowd was eagerly anticipating us as their reception clearly showed. everybody really stepped up and played a killer show. after us, percy hill ripped it up for the remainder of the evening. these guys are definately worth seeing. great musicians, great vocals, the total package. if they're in your area, GO SEE THEM. we leave right after the show to drive to vermont for two days of r & r with our old friends torbin and cindy.

day 15 & 16- 1/30 & 1/31- a great two days off in beautiful putney, vermont. as usual, torbin & cindy roll out the red carpet for us and make their home ours. they are old friends and cindy was actually our manager for a period of time.the two days are occcupied with snowboarding, laundry, and general loafing along with trying to kill the keg that torbin got for us. jordan and zane get some entertaining child interaction with torbin and cindy's child, trinna. it is culminated with the big super bowl party on sunday where i am surprisingly the big winner of the pool that i started. just for the record, I DID NOT CHEAT!!! but the 50 bucks sure does help. once again, we can't thank torbin and cindy enough for their hospitality.

day 17 & 18- 2/1 & 2/2-snow barn, mt. snow, vt these shows turn out to be a lot of fun. all of our good friends in vermont come out to party. legendary big don and paulie are in attendance, so you know it's going to be a fun night. the winter x-games are also starting today so there are tons of people in town. the shows are great. the band is really starting to come together. we're starting to develop some character as a band rather than just trying to remember songs. marty and bruce are showing what superstars they really are. our friend darren, the drummer from the new deal, is at the show on tuesday and gets up and does some human beat box with us. lot's of hugs and high fives are exchanged as we wrap up the night and get ready to head to boston. thanks to all the staff at the snow barn for a great stay.

day 19- 2/3- harper's ferry-boston, mass.- once again, we play with the new deal and fat mama, only this time we are in the opening slot. the highlight of the night for me is seeing my aunt lucy and cousin jennifer who i haven't seen in about fifteen years. we have a quick dinner,catch up a bit and then it's time to play. the set is quick but we hit them hard with all the hits and the crowd completely soaks it up. aunt lucy and jennifer are in complete amazement as they have never seen me play before and just love the band. the new deal and fat mama w/ special guest peter prince tear it up and i get to do a little jamming with fat mama, a really cool bunch of guys that just moved to providence ,ri. from boulder,co. i'm sure we'll be running into them again.