AG's Journal #25

day 25-4/8-winston's-home,ca.- here we are, finally back in beautiful ocean beach, and where do we go? right down to winston's for load in and sound check! we get there a little before 5pm and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait.....................finally the guys who are recording us get there around 7 and the soundman doesn't get there until 8:30! we're literally blocks away from our houses and we have to stay here and wait for these people. dave ellis gets there at about 7 and we all exchange high fives. we finally get out of winston's at 9:30 and i have just enough time to go home and shower and get back for our 10:30 start. since we've been gone, i've moved into a new place (thanks to my roommate dave!) we only moved in a week ago and dave has been gone for a couple days in mexico, so when i get home everything is still in disarray. to add insult to injury, i discover there is not even a shower curtain in the shower. at that point i don't even care! i take a nice, long hot shower, flooding the bathroo! m and surrounding areas, ready to deal with it tomorrow. when i get to winston's, it is scary-packed. of course, as soon as i walk in, i see every person that i haven't seen in the last three months. the show is amazing. i can't imagine a crowd being better than all of our ocean beach friends who haven't seen us in months! you can definately feel the love on both ends. the first set is a little rough, considering our 6 hour drive and waiting ordeal at winston's. after our break and socializing in the alley in back of winston's, we come back charged up and play a great second set, complete with a sit in by former drummer eduardo fletcher. we play way past the time we're supposed to, ending at about 2:05. the doormen are not happy but they get over it as everyone has a great night. dave comes with us to a little after party and finally we get to rest after a long hard tour. next week we start mixing down our live cd and in another month we'll start recording in the studio again.! we'd like to thank all the people, both at the clubs and in the crowds that we met all across the country as well as all of our friends and families that opened their hearts and homes to us. we had a great time and we're ready to enjoy some much deserved r & r. we'll see ya'll soon! love, the wise monkeys