AG's Journal #24

day 22-4/5-san juan room-durango,co.- well, we're on the home stretch and the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. another great show in durango. tons of people gettin slap happy. the highlight is our east coast friend big don, who is driving across country to san diego. he gets up on stage at set break and sings a drunken, "to all the girls i've loved before" and then breaks into his own cache of raps and rants. the doormen come up to the stage ready to toss him out but we wave them off because after all, it is big don! we start the second set and big don shows off his new trick, which is getting on the floor and rolling around as fast as possible. this makes for some interesting stares and looks of panic, but no need to fear, for after all, it is big don! thanks to everyone in durango for being so great to us over all these years. we love you!

day 23-4/6-monsoon's-flagstaff,az- another 5 hour drive. the people in flagstaff are definately there to party. nothing really eventful. just a really fun night.

day 24-4/7-jackson's hole-phoenix,az- this isn't our usual venue, but it was a last minute replacement for a gig that got cancelled a couple of weeks ago. its a sports bar in downtown phoenix right by all the stadiums so they expect a lot of people from the basketball and hockey games. disaster strikes first as the opening band starts an hour and a half late and the crowds from the games pass right by as nothing is happening. we get a bunch of our regulars but overall it's just not our kind of venue. we still have a good time as tomorrow we finally get to go home!