AG's Journal #23

day 19-4/2-quixote's-denver,co- it's dumpin snow in denver today. we had a nice short drive and a great meal cooked up for us by the guys at quixote's. as usual, jay, the owner, is more than hospitable and treats us great. the space jam in the second set turns out to be probably the best yet. we stretch out the first two songs for about 40 minutes actually, all of the instrumentals reached new heights tonight. fun show!

day 20-4/3-8150-vail,co- we've played this club a couple of times before when it was called garton's and it was always pretty dead. seeing as how it's a monday we're not really expecting very much. the club definately looks better when we get inside. the owners, steve and pat, are extremely cool and do everything to make sure we're comfortable. we get a nice big dinner and the green room is stocked with all kinds of goodies. chips, sodas, beers, water, fruit, towels, you name it. it's the little things like this that really make a difference, and these guys really did a top notch job. the soundman steve also is a really cool guy who helps us jump the battery on our van. good jokes too! the show is way better than we expected. there's about 250 people there and everybody's really into it. they give away a cruise which i thought i had rigged to win but i didn't. anyway, thanks again to all the guys at 8150 for a killer job promoting the show and making us welcome.

day 21-4/4-alligator lounge- breckenridge,co.- we always have good shows in breckenridge and all of our friends are here tonight. the highlight of the show is when the owner todd, drunk off his ass, lunges at marty while he was playing a guitar solo(with his eyes closed). one of the managers grabs him and pulls him off a startled marty and they (not marty) both go flying off the stage in a pile on the floor. james, our sound man, not knowing it's the owner, grabs him in a headlock and starts to drag him outside. they finally sort things out and call todd a cab. always big excitement in breckenridge!