AG's Journal #22

day 15 & 16-3/29 & 3/30-jb mulligans- park city,ut- a nice 45 minute drive and we're in park city. the club provides us with a killer 3 room hotel suite. the shows are fun. they are identical in that the crowds took a little while to get going, but once they did things were rockin. it was nice to be able to hang out for a couple days and not drive, as we're all starting to feel a little tired from playing 7 days in a row and having 8 more before we're home. yet we're all still in good spirits. thanks to kenny, rashad, annie, fred, and all the people at jb mulligans.

day 17-3/31-tulagi's-boulder,co.- it takes about 8 and 1/2 hours for us to get to boulder and we're all fried. they provide us with sushi which definately raises our spirits. the fox theater, boulder's premier venue, is next door and actually owns tulagi's. there's a big show there tonight and it hurts our crowd a little bit, along with the fact that it's spring break, but there's some hard core fans out there singing along and having a good time. an old buddy, chris delucchi (monsters), who used to be the soundman for zuba, now works for tulagi's. we also get to meet seth goldberger, one of the guys from lauann records, who we did a cd with called three sets. the three sets cd features 3 or 4 songs from 3 diferrent bands, and we're on the third one. seth is very cool and puts some of us up for the night as does chris. seth has a very cool place with more audio toys than you can imagine, and a huge movie and music library to boot. we have a short drive to winter park tomorrow so we'll be able to sleep in.

day 18-4/1-drunken frenchman-winter park,co- we get a great night's sleep and go have lunch with seth and then head for winter park. how can you not like a place called the drunken frenchman? the place is packed and we start off with a little april fools joke by playing a song on the wrong intsruments. the night goes very well. everybody is dancing and getting their last couple nights of spring break in before school starts up. we end the night with a rockin sweet leaf and head for the showers.