AG's Journal #20

day 10 & 11-3/24 & 25-whiskey jacques- ketchum,id- when you first think of idaho, you think of potatoes and farms. you're right in assuming that but it's also very beautiful country. the people at whiskey jacques are very cool. they provided us with a nice big condo to hang out in for a couple of days,which was a nice change of pace after weeks and weeks of hotel rooms. alley and heidi made a nice big breakfast for all as we enjoyed our first stop in a long time that we actually got to stay and enjoy for a couple of days. ketchum is a ski town, which means there's a mix of locals and tourists, mainly the latter. that pretty much describes the scene at the shows. it's not the usual crowd of people who know us pretty well. most of these people are so wasted that they'll dance to two pots banging together. there was one girl who had seen us awhile ago in mazatlan. she has all of our cd's and she recruited about 20 of her friends from boise to come see us. all in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend in a cool, beautiful town. thanks! to pete and karen and all the staff at whiskey jacques for setting us up.