AG's Journal #17

day 1-3/15-the catalyst-santa cruz,ca.- well, here we are back on the road. we had a nice 10 days at home with a show in san diego and one in la. the san diego show at the cannibal bar was about as good a homecoming as you could ask for. superunloader opened the show and rocked the house. it seemed that everybody we knew was there to welcome us back. great show and really good to see everybody again! now we're back on the road for a three week jaunt through northern cal, vegas, utah, idaho, montana, colorado and arizona. tonight's show is an important one. the catalyst is THE club in santa cruz. they have a lot of national acts play here and it's a big room. we're playing in the atrium, which is the front area of the club. they have bands play here on off nights and tonight is kind of an audition to see how we can draw so we can play in the main room. the night is a great success. all of our santa cruz monkeyheads are there boogeying down. we play a couple short sets and are out of there by midnight. it looks like we'll be playing the main room next month. thanks to jen & rob at mountain music for all their help.

day 2-3/16-mr. lucky's- chico,ca.- tonight we're opening up for john brown's body, a reggae band from boston. we had both heard of each other and heard each others' cd's, but now we finally got to meet. they're a really nice bunch of guys and a great band. we play for about an hour and we get a good reception from the crowd, although it wasn't yet packed. john brown's put on a great show and we got to hang around and party a little bit. all in all, good show in yet another new town.