AG's Journal #15

day 41-2/26-crossroad's-huntsville,al.- this club definitely has some potential. it's a big room with a great sound system and cool people. as the other shows in the south have gone, the crowd is blown away, it's just that there's not enough of a crowd to really get people going. we don't let this stop us, though. it's business and it's our job to make these people remember us and make them tell everyone they know that they just saw the coolest band and they'll be back. we've done it everywhere else we've played so taking a couple lumps is nothing new. we only have a couple more shows in the south to rough out before we're welcomed back to the open arms of our beloved arizona and san diego friends who will be sure to pad our egos and make us feel at home.

day 42-2/27-proud larry's-oxford, ms.- we all had a big breakfast at waffle house this morning. the waffle house HAD BEEN one of our favorite places to eat on this tour. i say had been for reasons that you are about to find out. it had been pouring rain all day long so we were wondering how that would affect our show. we also found out that one of the guys from widespread panic, a huge band of phish-like proportions in the south, was playing with some friends down the street. we pretty much knew what to expect and were just going to make the best of it. about an hour before showtime bruce started feeling ill. he had already puked by the time we started playing and we knew it was food poisoning. the crowd was pretty sparse, and it was a good thing because bruce had a nightmare of a show. about 45 minutes into it he asked me to hand him the beer bucket (beers removed), just in case. during the song "movin free", bruce stomach decided to do so and he tossed his cookies right in the middle of it. the amazing thing is he timed it perfectly so that he came back in right at the start of a new section in the song. this happened three times during the song and afterward bruce got on the mike and said, "this sing really makes me sick!" we then took a short break to see how our boy was. we decided to play another half hour and call it for obvious reasons. at this time i started feeling it too and i knew it was going to be a long night. we finished the set and soon enough james informed us that he also had joined our little club. needless to say the night in the hotel room was one not needed to be elaborated on in this journal. just imagine heinous, banshee screams and fluids pouring out of every orifice and we'll just leave it at that. tomorrow we have to drive at least partway to austin, tx. which is 12 hours away because we are playing there on tuesday. you can imagine how fun that will be. talk to you....uhhhhh......later.