AG's Journal #12

day 33- 2/17-old hickory tap room-hickory, nc- we get there early and meet clay, the promoter and some of the staff who are all really nice people. from the looks of the room, and the stage, this show should be interesting. it's a long, narrow room and the stage is about as big as bruce's drum kit. they feed us a world class dinner and one of the staff even cooks us a cheesecake! as usual with first time crowds, they study us for awhile and soon enough they're shakin' it like there's no tomorrow. all in all, another fine performance that'll keep the folks in hickory talkin'!

day 34- 2/18-fat city deli-charlotte,nc- we arrive in charlotte at about 2 o'clock and go straight to the club. t first sight you think, "how can they possibly do shows here". it looks very small but they tell us that when they take all the tables out there is room for 200-250 people. sarah, the sweet, sexy manager, booker, feeds us a great lunch of sandwiches and such. she truly is one of the nicest people i've met and she has a smile that will melt you. she says they've never had such a buzz for a band, especially one that has never played there before. they have gotten calls from south carolina, tennessee, virginia, and west virginia so the word is out. we end up playing the first slot because sarah says there will be the most people then. we play a healthy two hour slot highlighted by bruce's drum solo in "hell ain't for me" and by the heralded return of our black sabbath cover "sweet leaf" which we had practiced earlier today. it's a packed house and we all agree that it's a great WOM show,(word of mouth),defina! tely a place to come back to. we hang out the rest of the night and listen to vine, a local band with a strong following of mainly screaming young girls(it was an all ages show). we all tie one on and afterward we go to sarah's house for a little afterparty. thanks again to sarah and all the guys at fat city for a fun night.