AG's Journal #10

day 31- 2/15-peasant's- greenville,nc- we pulled into greenville at about 4:20 and went straight to the homegrown network office to see our buddies lee crumpton and marcie. i don't know if your familiar with homegrown, but they've done more for us in the last couple of years than anyone. basically, homegrown is a network of independant bands that helps with distribution, touring and word of mouth advertising through tape trading, festivals, and so on. it's really big on the east coast and we are one of the few west coast bands affiliated with them. wherever we play out here there are always people that tell us they've heard of us through homegrown. we spent some time with lee, the founder, and did an interview for the homegrown radio network. the show that night was packed. a lot of people had been expecting us for some time so there was a genuine excitement in the air(on both parts).the crowd was into it from the downbeat and never ceased until the final moment. thanks again to all our homegrown friends for an exc! ellent night!!! another side note: we found out yesterday that we've been invited to two east coast festivals this summer. the allgood festival, which will feature moe, galactic, solive amongst others, and the recipe family cookout with our buddies from the recipe. both are expecting between 5 and 10 thousand people. things are happening people!!!