AG's Journal #1, Days 1-6

day 1-1/16-martini ranch-scottsdale,az- lot's of family and friends there to send us off. big thanks to rox and patsy stewart(reed and chad's folks) for putting some of us up for the night and making us breakfast.

day 2-1/17- we take our time getting out of az cause we have the day off and get to durango at about midnight. we head directly to players, a local bar where we have some beers and chat with some of our local buddies.

day 3-1/18-san juan room- durango,co.- as usual, another awesome show at the san juan room in durango. there's just something about the fans there that are different than anywhere else. 400 screaming, sweaty, gyrating monkeyheads gettin' down and lovin' every minute of it on a tuesday night. ditto for us. marty and bruce are definately stoked. this is one of they're first tastes of a really good wmo crowd on the road. from here on out though, we have many,many new places to conquer. one red flag: alley's voice is showing serious signs of wear as we cut the show a little short. more later.

day 4- 1/19-quixote's-denver, co.- after a medium 4 hr. drive we pull into quixote's in denver. jay, the ever generous owner, feeds us a great stir fry as we set up and sound check. this place is always one of our favorites, one, because of the staff, and two because it's where we met dave ellis. it's a moderate, yet very energetic crowd, but not bad for a wednesday night. alley's voice is worse so we write out a set list that will be a little easier on her by jamming out more songs and playing more instrumentals which actually was pretty fun. after the show she tells us there is no way she can sing tomorrow night. judging by the frog in her throat, we decide it is a good idea for the benefit of the rest of the tour.

day 5- 1/20- now we have another day off so alley can rest her voice. everybody is still in good spirits. our show was going to be in lawrence, kansas. we decide to drive to the bar anyway an have a couple of beers and socialize with the locals. well, about 12 o'clock(10 hrs. later) we pull into lawrence.(good thing we didn't have to play!) we go into the bar and there are about 60 people left. much to our excitement and to our dismay, about 57 of them are gorgeous college ladies. we break out cd's for everybody in the bar and let them know how sorry we are that we couldn't play. we leave with a very positive vibe that we made the best of a bad situation.tomorrow, off to st. louis!

day 6- 1/21-the firehouse-st. louis,mo.- we pull into st. louis at 3 o'clock and go straight to our buddy kye's. he's an old friend who has helped spread the word about us for years here. he's told us that they've been playing us on the radio for well over a year and anticipate's a big show. we have killer rooms at the radisson on the 19th floor complete with views of the city. after a stop at the budweiser brewery and some beers, we shower up and head to the show. the nfc championship is sunday and you can feel the party spirit of the rams' fans. the show is a blast. about 350-400 people raging! great show! great town! we'll be back. that's all for now. i'll send the rest soon as i catch up.i have a little portable e-mail machine now. i'll send my journal entries via e-mail. any questions just write to me at talk to you soon. ag