No Jive - Talkin' Robots are Jazz Superheroes

Gabe Johnson of the Jive Talkin' Robots

report filed 9/4/99 - Good show last night at Legends! Local bohemian hipsters, the King Cartel began the evening with a fine set of their distinctive electro-beatnick grooves. Drawing heavily on new material from their upcoming debut album "Atomic," Chris King (guitar, vocals, trumpet), Marc Sjafiroeddin (standup bass) and Don Hartley (drums, sax), were all in exceptional form throughout an energized, hour long set. Earlier in the day, the band finished mixing the last track of the new record, which now has a confirmed release date of 10/23.

Those of you familiar with the Cartel know the story of Chris King, son of legendary Vegas performer Sonny King, and a legitimate Vegas scene mover and shaker in his own right. Of all the bands in town, King Cartel has the most unique and innovative style. Wanna know more? Check out an article on him from a 12/98 issue of CityLife in the -Artist Profile- section off the site.

After a quick set change the Jive Talkin' Robots from Portland, Oregon captured the room with their jazz based, horn driven jams. Five pieces- guitar, sax, bass, drums, and keyboards, the Robots use wide ranging dynamics very effectively, creating peaks and valleys, tension and resolution, as well as melodious harmonics in their highly improvisational music. Although it was my first time catching the Robots, I had heard good things from many of the regulars who saw the band last time they played Legends and I was not disappointed. Don't let the name fool ya, these robots ain't no jive...

Check out their current album,"Superheroes," which is available through the homegrown music network.

It's a well produced studio effort that'll serve as a good introduction into this very talented band's sophisticated, genre bending musical explorations...

So that's the big news. Been busy here in Vegas pounding out articles before hitting the road in a few days. I've had the opportunity to interview members of the Disco Biscuits and Foxtrot Zulu for upcoming feature articles. Same with Toni Brown, editor of Relix magazine and the good folks at Gaspotchio Entertainment, who are close to finishing a very cool film called, "Road to Equinox." Look for those articles in the coming weeks...

The next journal entry will be from the road, on tour with Wise Monkey for a show at the Smiley Theater in Durango, Colorado, and then a couple of dates in Arizona. We leave for the east coast swing on 9/14 and will be rolling through an action packed itinerary of ten shows in eleven days, including a show with the incomparable Keller Williams on Thursday 9/16 in Buffalo. We'll also be at the Harvest Moon and Autumn Equinox music and camping festivals on that trip. After that it's a two day recharge in San Diego and on the road again for a five day swing through northern Cal.

So what's the bottom line you ask? Lot's of tour journals in the cards for the next month... see you at the show!