New Ingredients - Same Tasty Recipe

Julie Edlow and Hannah Ross of the Recipe

report filed 10/12/01 - 1:01 pm pdt - Ah yes, fall is in the air, baseball is into the postseason and some mighty fine music is happening here in good old O.B.... caught three outstanding shows at Winstons since our last update!

First up was Solomon Grundy from Los Angeles. Got to Winstons a little early for this show and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Sexy Robots, a side project of WMO's Sean Hart, were doing an unannounced set. It was actually the robot's first ever show, and as is the case in any of Hart's endeavors, very interesting.

The Sexy Robots

An experiment in live techno, tone science improvisation, the robot's throw down a swirling two keyboard, synth and drums attack that pops, gurgles and buzzes with a playful intensity boarding on next step art rock. Unfortunately the robot's only played a brief opening set, but we'll be on the lookout for another opportunity to check 'em out, and when that happens, you'll be the first to know...

Solomon Grundy, the evening's defacto headliner, came out after a quick stage change and took over the room with their high energy and way funky, power fusion grooves.

Corey Cofield and Mark Hamrock of Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy played the Area 51 Sound Test over the summer, which was sponsored by our friends at the Las Vegas Jam Band Society, and made lots of new fans with their strong stage presence and outstanding musicianship.

Brent Brandon

Corey Cofield

A fixture on the SoCal jam scene for years, SG has done a fair share of regional touring. And now there's scuttlebutt around the coffee dripper that these guys may pack up the van, load the equipment trailer, and head east of the Rockies to spread the gospel of grundy across this great country of ours. Hey if that happens, go see Solomon Grundy... and be ready to get your groove on - SG packs the dance floor!

Got a double dose of Sean Hart's musical menagerie with a wonderful Tuesday night show from the audio alchemist's other side project, the Damn Dirty Apes.

Sean Hart

Featuring a barrel full of Wise Monkeys, including AG on slide trombone/flute, guitarist Marty Schwartz as well as Jason Robinson on sax, and backed by one of the hottest rhythm sections in San Diego with drummer Chad Ferrin and Chris McGreal on bass, the DDA's all instrumental jams are sophisticated and edgy with a highly danceable fun factor that tickles the brain and makes the body move in new and exciting ways...

Chris McGreal and Marty Schwartz

Sean Hart and Jason Robinson

J. R. and A.G.

Playing local gigs with the apes and other side projects has kept Hart and his musical cohorts busy during WMO's break from performing while Alley, WMO's high voltage vocalist and all around 'super mom,' had her third child, a bouncing baby girl. After a few shows up in northern California, Wise Monkey will return to O.B. on Saturday the 20th at Winstons, which will be followed by a tour through the west. Armed with a bunch of fresh material, there's a good chance the monkeys will record a new studio album after the tour...

Following a wild night with the apes, a much anticipated show from the Recipe hit the stage at Winstons. I've always been a fan of Joe Prichard's song oriented brand of melodic psychedelia. Lots of heart and soul behind his music. And a big part of that vibe came from Kristin Wolverton, the Recipe's longtime vocalist. Not exactly sure when it happened, but Kristin left the band a while back and was replaced by Julie Edlow, a longtime Recipe fan and friend of the band.

Joe Prichard and Julie Edlow

Reports from folks who had seen the new look Recipe back east were favorable. Approaching the show with a bit of guarded optimism, our hardworking production crew was open minded and ready for anything. And we got more than we anticipated. Let's face it. Kristin had an intense stage presence, wrapping an improbable blend of love hugging earth child innocence and gum snapping pleasure queen indulgence into one cosmic she-burrito of musical intensity. Plus, Kristin was always a helluva singer. And needless to say, not easily replaced. Fortunately though for the Recipe, they got lucky.

For starters, Julie has a fine voice. Sure, she wails out front, but Julie also works extremely well within the Recipe's framework of polytextured, sing along melodies. Make no mistake - she hits the harmonic sweet spot with the best of 'em! Julie also maintains a certain continuity with the Recipe's long-standing we-are-family-and-we-love-you-through-our-music vibe that rings true with the rest of the band.

Tom Whelan

Jim Kuras and Hannah Ross

Bottom line - although there's some new ingredients, including the very capable and frequently animated Jim Kuras on bass, the Recipe hasn't really changed. And alot of the credit goes to the band's nucleus, co-founding members Tom Whelan on percussion and drummer Gregg Lowley. Although these two beat freaks aren't in the limelight, the deeply grooved, syncopated patterns of percussion they create are the pulsing, spiritual foundation that lyrical images floating above build on and amplify. It's a tribal thing. Together with the articulate counter-melodies and spunky rhythmic pluck of Hannah Ross on electric fiddle, and of course, Joe's party hardy exuberance and infectious enthusiasm, the Recipe is as tasty as ever...

"Smilin'" Joe Prichard

Meanwhile back at the word factory... we're pleased to post a new feature article on our friends at Cicero's in St. Louis, Kicking Ash - Cicero's Battle of the Jam Bands Celebrates the Landmark Nightclub's Return From Fire Damage, which includes additional, exclusive bonus quotes from club insiders, as well as a short but sweet little write-up on Deep Banana Blackout.

We've also posted a number of cool new links for your cybersurfing pleasure, including free passes to the websites of our friends at Bearcat's Getaway, the Stumble In The Dark radio program hosted by James Mullins, Cicero's in St. Louis, and the buzz generating whiz kidz at Randex Communications.

So there ya go - another big update in the books. And there's lots of action on the horizon. If all goes well, there'll be a barrel full of words and images waitin' for ya here next time, when our adventure in music journalism continues...

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