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report filed 9/22/01 1:25 pm PDT - It's been over a week since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Like everybody I've spoken with, I was numb for a few days and really not up to doing much, other than watch the news on TV. Face it, the week of September 11th, 2001, was the roughest this country has ever faced. At the time of the attacks, we were putting together an update for the website. Now, more than a week later, it's time to get back to business. Hey, baseball came back on Monday, and everyone here at Anytime/Anywhere Studio agrees that we should do the same...

I was in process of doing a write-up on another great show by Particle at Winstons, but between the traumatic events that have unfolded, and the simple passage of time, I can't remember a damn thing about the show. Well, that's not completely true. I do remember that the place was jammed and that Particle absolutely smoked! Oh yeah, there was an awesome light show... but rather than hack through some half baked recollection of a magical night, check out this outstanding, in depth review cowritten by Seth Eisenstein and Erik Kora, that was originally published by our friends at Jambase.com.

Here's a few shots from the show:

Light show guru Scott Mackinnon at work

Meanwhile, back at the word factory, we've posted, Kind Buzz - Along With Warm and Fuzzy Fans, the Big Wu Put Their Money Where Their Smile Is, for your reading pleasure.

And yes, the CD's just keep rolling in. We've got lots-o-stuff to review. This time out, we're gonna focus on a few of the better compilation albums we've recently received. Why? Well, putting out a compilation CD entails a bunch of people joining forces to work together for a common purpose, and in light of the current socio-political challenges we now face, the more people working together the better... so without any further delay, it's time once again for the latest round of:

These CD's Don't Suck!

For Immediate Release - Ariel Publicity

Known around the music industry as one of the country's top Public Relations firms, Ariel Publicity represents a super talented, coast to coast roster of artists. No wonder - they do a great job of keeping us journalist types informed about who's up to what. But there's more to Ariel than press releases and bumper stickers. They doesn't just get the word out, Ariel gets the music out to speak for itself. For Immediate Release is a fine example of Ariel's ear for quality and eye for style. Each of the fifteen tracks showcase a different artist, from the highly spirited polytextured pop of Maggi, Pierce & E.J. to Fathead's rappish party rock, and an array of styles in between including tunes from New York City art-rockers Crazy Mary, poly-ethnic cajun slammgrassers Leftover Salmon, and one our longtime favorite home grown bands, Stir Fried. Cap it all off with Ariel's delightful logo gracing the cover and For Immediate Release is a welcome dose of good news.

3 Sets, Volume Three - Lauan Records

Lauan Records has a plan. The idea is to bring together three highly talented, up and coming bands, usually from different regions around the country, and put their music together on one CD to create a synergy among the bands' fanbases. It's a networking thing. And it seems to be working. Volume 3 is Lauan's most consistently excellent offering to date. The CD starts with the moody soundscapes of Living Daylights from Seattle, who are joined by Reggie Watts and Elizabeth Pupo Walker of the Flava Crystals. Morphing from quasi-ambient, post-industrial space to fired up and gurgling jam-otica, the Daylights finish up their segment with some very soulful, next-step R&B. Boston's Miracle Orchestra is next with a mind bending, slightly off-kilter brand of funkish, open jazz. And finally, Ray's Music Exchange out of Cincinnati, put the wrap on Volume 3 with an understated sophisti-bop that's deeply grooved and heavy on melodics, yet capable of a little dissonance every now and then. Not only are all three bands stellar in their own right, their music flows nicely from one to the next. Another great job by Lauan!

One Label Under A Groove - Blue Note Records

Granddaddy of the groove labels, Blue Note was jammin' long before the term "jamband" was ever used. And because of its historical significance, Blue Note is in the unique position of legitimizing the artistic merit of today's music simply by association. In other words, if an artist is recording for Blue Note, they are worthy of respect among their peers and critical acclaim from the masses. It's just that simple. Featuring relative newcomers Soulive and Karl Denson with superstars John Scofield, Medeski, Martin & Wood, and Charlie Hunter, as well as tracks by Erik Truffaz, Tim Hagans, St. German, Ronny Jordan with Mos Def and the legendary Grant Green, One Label Under A Groove is just a glimpse into Blue Note's fantastic catalog of music.

I-Town - I Town Records

We've always known that Kevin Kinsella is a wonderful musician, spirited entertainer, and all around nice guy, but it wasn't until the arrival of the I-Town Records new compilation that we realized he's also a record biz visionary. Best known as front man and driving force behind roots-reggae soul saviors, John Brown's Body, Kinsella is also founder of I-Town Records. Based out of Ithaca, New York, I-Town is home to a number of the region's finest musicians, ranging from the rubba dub stylings of Silas and irresistible reggae grooves of David Gould, to Plastic Nebraska's hip-hoppish rock, One Love's soulful rap, and the high energy, polytextured acoustic-exotica of Gabriel Tavares. And it's not just great music. I-Town's got big time heart. Here's a line from Kinsella's liner notes that say it best, "I-Town Records is a collective, a circle. It is not a pyramid shaped hierarchy. The basic tenets of the label are that in unity there is strength and that cooperation means progress." Bingo!

Into the Music Volume 1: Jam Bands - Redline Entertainment

Into the Music Volume 1 is a crash course in the abstract musical concept of jambands. For starters, being a jamband has nothing to do with the style of music a band plays, and everything to do with how they approach that style. Simply put, jambands jam. They are big on improvisation and musical exploration. Jamfans like bands that take them on musical journeys that vary from show to show, making each performance something unique. At its best, the jamband adventure onstage is reflected and amplified by the crowd's reaction, and together, everybody shares in the collective experience. Not surprisingly, Into The Music is chock full of connections to the Grateful Dead, including tracks from Bob Weir's Ratdog, Mickey Hart, Merl Saunders, and a terrific Morning Dew from the Dead themselves, recorded in '71 at the Fillmore East. There's also music from Little Feat, the String Cheese Incident, Medeski, Martin & Wood, moe., Zero, the Disco Biscuits, Ominous Seapods, and although a bit of a stretch, a track from Frank Zappa as well. True to the genre it draws from, Into the Music Volume 1 is a musical adventure for jamfans of all ages.

Last but not least, our Shameless Plug Dept. insists we announce that our "Dexter Doodle" design, has been selected by Dexter Grove as their new official logo!

We're very honored by Dexter Grove's selection and are thrilled that one of our favorite doodles will be now be traveling down a road of its own design... thanks Charley and Steve - y'all rock!!

So there ya go amigos... have fun, be safe, and if all goes well, there'll be some new and exciting fresh content waiting here for ya next time out, when our adventure in music journalism continues...

"Eye peace"

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