Flying Colors - Area 51 Passes Sound Test

report filed 4/25/01 - 10:00 am pst - Got back from the Area 51 Sound Test Monday night. Had a fantastic time! It was a blast to see so many old friends and meet all the kind folks who worked so hard to make the Sound Test happen... thanks to everyone at the Las Vegas Jam Band Society for the time and energy it took to turn their vision into reality... bravo!

Rather than paint a picture in words about what went on, everyone here at Anytime/Anywhere Studios agrees that we'll let the images from Area 51 speak for themselves:

The Waz

The Ominous Seapods

Wise Monkey Orchestra


Vegas Guitar Mutants

Juggling Suns

Wanna see more? Check out the Official Website of the Las Vegas Jam Band Society for more photos and a bunch of other cool stuff. Wanna know more about what went on at the Area 51 Sound Test? Next month's column for will focus on my experiences as the emcee for this first-ever event... thanks again to everyone who made the Sound Test possible!!

Meanwhile back at the word factory - check out the new article on a very interesting band called mood food. We've also got quite a stack of high grade, new CDs to review, and will be working diligently on pounding those out.

Both mood food, and also Dr. Didg are playing at Winstons this week. If everything works out, we'll have images from those shows, and a whole lot more, when our adventure in music journalism continues...