Yule Ride - Surfin' West For New Year's Wave

report filed 12/23/00, 8:05 am EST - Happy Holidays! 'Tis the season to be jolly, and we're doing our part here at Anytime/Anywhere Studios. In addition to the standard year end festivites, we're in the 'bon voyage' mode. That's right - our hardworking production crew will be packing up and heading west right after x-mas. Destination: Ocean Beach, California! Can you say: 70 degrees and sunny? Now that'll put a smile on anyone's face.

Before we hit the road though, how 'bout a glance in the rear view mirror to see where we've been.... 2000 was a great year. Covered alot of ground, experienced some outstanding music, and crossed paths with a bunch of wonderful folks... thanks to everyone who made it all possible!

Here's a quick look back at some our favorite images from good ol' Y2K:

(note: each image is a link to its original journal entry, with more photos and info)

AG of Wise Monkey Orchestra at last year's NYE festivities

Marty and Robby of WMO

Cris King

Scott and Tim of Psydecar

Harley of Government Grown

The Motet

Sector 9

The Slip

The Recipe

Alley of WMO

John Brown's Body


Marty of WMO

Big Wu

Baaba Seth

Dr. Didg

Disco Biscuits

Arlo Guthrie

Miracle Orchestra

Keller Williams


John Scofield

Tara Nevins of Donna the Buffalo

Jojo the Psychedelic Rock and Roll Clown, Gray, and Ronni

Ike Willis of Project/Object

Dr. Dan

Jack Denning of the All Mighty Senators

David Nelson

Joules Graves

Mark of Bearly Edible

So there ya go, another year in the books. And as one chapter closes, another begins. Scuttlebutt around the coffee dripper has become increasingly animated over the past few days. The topic: which NYE show will our hardworking crew document in words and images? Rumours are raging.

Check back during the first week of the new year to find out where we wind up, when our adventure in music journalism continues...