Festival Time - All Good in West Virginia!

report filed 5/24/00, 7:40 pm - Greetings from Greenville, North Carolina! The road trip East has been a blur since the last journal update. Successfully navigated the highways and byways to the HGMN headquarters here in Greenville and arrived last Wednesday. After enjoying a nice half day of HGMN hospitality, we packed up the van and trailer, and hit the road - destination All Good 'fest in West Virginia.

Although it rained on and off Friday, the festival was a huge success! The venue, Capon Ridge was great and the music was superb! We got back to Greenville on Sunday night and are once again packing the van and trailer for the next road trip. We're leaving in a couple of hours for Hookahville, the semiannual weekend of music and camping hosted by Ekoostik Hookah. We've got a 13 hour drive in front of us and needless to say, it's quite hectic here at the moment. I just sent off the Roger Waters article I've been working on for the past few days to the Las Vegas Weekly (we'll post it here in next week's update) and the HGMN gang is packing CDs and T-shirts for the merch booth at the festival. Now the challenge is getting this update posted.

When we return from Hookahville, we'll be setting up the Anytime/Anywhere studio and getting back into the production mode. 'Til then, here's some shots from All Good:

Lake Trout

The Recipe

Baaba Seth

Wise Monkey Orchestra

Dr. Didg


All Mighty Senators

The Disco Biscuits