report filed 8/4/99 Monkey Biz #3

Wednesday, 8/4/99 - 3:01 pm

We're enroute to Aspen and it's raining. It was a late morning after last night's show at the Alligator Lounge in Breckenridge, and now that we've had our breakfast, it's time to move on down the road.

The day off in Vail was everything that a day off should be. Lots of sun and outdoor fun. From Frisbee golf and fishing to just kicking back on the balcony and digging the mountains, Monday was a healthy dose of the good stuff. Dinner was a super-delish lasagna, followed by a little chocolate cake and other party favors for dessert. After the feast, Tim's birthday celebration rocked family style into the night... it was indeed a festive evening.

We split Vail around half past noon yesterday. After rolling into Breckenridge, we went straight to the condo the club was providing. Basically a ground level, 3 bedroom/ bath unit that really could use a good scrub and some new carpet. Not too bad though... we've seen worse. Anyway, we got to the Alligator in good time and continued our Italian themed dining with a dinner brought in from the Rasta Pasta. Mmm Mmm Mmmm!

The Alligator gig was yet another solid outing for the monkeys. A rarely played "Robot Reality," and a momentous "Jerry's Tune," were a couple of the 1st set highlights. An awesome 2nd set -acid/space/monkey gurgle- jam toward the end of the night was the best of the tour. Full-on, raging drums and percussion by Ed and Tim, pushed by Chad's space truckin' bass brought the groove to a fever pitch.

The Alligator was a powder keg ready to explode when AG stepped up to the mic., and he made the most of it. Sparking the crowd from percussion driven primal dance into an explosion of ethereal, flute powered transcendental boogie-maximus, AG was truly on fire!

Reed has a bunch of college buddies that always come down to the Breckenridge shows. Over the years, they've helped build a very loyal following for the monkeys up in Breck. Reed was all smiles, all night hangin' with his friends.

The Alligator show no doubt had the most interesting cross section of folks at the show. A few sculptors, including two guys from Wales and one from Colorado were there. So were a couple of buttoned-down collar yuppies who lost all inhibition by the end of the night, as they got down with their bad, wing-tipped, selves... there were also hip-hoppers, low riders and many other high flyers of all descriptions.

Brothers in sculpture...

One of the more provocative highlights of the night was a foursome of lesbians that were dancing very, shall we say, intimately. Lots of drunk guys were getting way horny trying to get in on the action, and all in all, it was alot of fun to watch.

A couple of the monkeys' longtime friends, Sam and his wife were also in the house. Sam recently moved to Florida from Colorado and was back in the Rocky Mountains for a wedding, as well as the WMO show. Everybody in the band was excited to see him. Sam was clearly enjoying himself too, dancing his ass off until the last note of the totally thunderous encore, WMO's patented groove grinding cover of Black Sabbath's, "Sweet Leaf."

After the show, loading all the gear, and driving back to the condo, the late night, post gig wind-down got way colorful. Seany turned the TV into a psychedelic projector with a couple of carefully placed bed sheets. Then James got into the act, with an interesting array of aluminum cylinders, high powered lamps and a tie-dyed tapestry. More of a performance work than an object-de-art for the ages, it was a big time chuckle generator nonetheless.

Tonight's show is in Aspen. It'll be the monkey's first time though this world-class ski town and it's anybody's guess on what kind of turn out we'll get for this -Wednesday- night gig. Next time we chat, I'll let ya know how it went...