Great music and kind folks - the Recipe for fun

report filed 3/14/00 8:10 am - Busy is as busy does, then comes the post-post dizzy buzz - just ask our hardworking staff here Anytime/Anywhere studios... lots-o-content this week. Last week we posted a new feature article on the Recipe, and then had the pleasure of catching their show at Winstons on Friday night. As always, the Recipe worked their warm and fuzzy musical magic on the dance happy crowd.

Got to hear some of the new Recipe tunes for the first time - excellent stuff! Some of the new material even includes the entire band singing, which is a first! Can't wait to hear their new studio album, slated for release in the early fall. In the mean time, the Recipe are on tour and will be traveling extensively around the country through the summer.

Check the Recipe's website for the most current tour information. Wanna know more? Porch Party is a really cool fan site chock full of Recipe stuff. If you get a chance, go check 'em out! You'll be glad you did...

Also had the pleasure of catching Kristina Woodruff's performance at NewBreak at the Beach on Tuesday.

It was interesting watching the Australian Broadcast Company's film crew shoot Woodruff's recital, which will be part of a PBS TV special on autistic savants. A couple of weeks ago we featured Woodruff here in the journal, and it was alot fun watching her perform. She was great!

Let's see, what else... we've got two new feature articles this week: Helping Hands, Together with their tape trading fans, Big Wu knows how to handle a good time, and Family Affair, even when they're on the road, the family of Wise Monkeys are together.

We've also posted a bunch of photos from WMO's US Winter Tour 2000.

That's it for now. Next week, if all goes well, we'll have photos from the Big Wu's upcoming outdoor show at San Diego State University, a bunch of CD reviews, and who knows what else.... see you then!