Hip Bop Trip Stop - Slippin' in San Diego

report filed 3/7/00 6:45 am - Yet another action packed week here at Anytime/Anywhere Studios. For starters, we've got some images from the Slip's show last Tuesday at Winstons. The early/mid week slot is always tough, but the Slip's loyal following was out in full force and there were plenty of warm bodies and kind vibes bouncin' 'round the room when they ambled on stage.

One of the jazziest jambands on the scene, the Slip have a unique chemistry. Super lean with lots of open spaces in their music, there's a certain edgy, post-bop intellectualism in their sound. A thinking man's band, if you will. Not that they don't have plenty of soul, they do. These guys emote. That's right, I said "emote." As in facial expressions. No band puts more feeling into their music than the Slip.

Like a triangle turned on its side, the Slip turn the typical trio dynamic on its ear when guitarist Brad Barr joins his brother Andrew on drums as the rhythm section while Marc Friedman, a bass playing chop monster of wow-this-guy-is-really-good proportions, takes solos that command attention. Very skilled and melodic, Friedman's picking technique and fret navigation are stunning. In fact each of the slipsters had opportunities throughout the night to open up and wail. And they did.

Mixing it up with a balance of rhythmic jams to dance to and spaced out melodic abstractions, the Slip are talented individuals and a formidable unit. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity of doing an article on them someday and really focusing on what they're all about.

One band I had the pleasure of writing about last week is the Recipe. Looking forward to catching their upcoming show at Winstons on Friday. If all goes well, we'll have photos from that show posted next time. In the mean time, we've posted Fresh Cache - Dangling Well Turned Phrases From Sharply Hooked Melodies, the Recipe Cook Up Tasty Tunes With a Heaping Helping Of Love, for your reading pleasure.

Government Grown also put on a good show at Winstons last week on Friday. Playing with an expanded lineup including an alto sax player and Kelly Zander, former lead vocalist for Zen Exit, a rhythm and funk smile generator out of Las Vegas, GG had a bigger sound than at their last Winstons show.

The additional textures of the female vocal and melodic sax tones worked well with GG's highly danceable brand of beatroot rock. These guys are experimenting and having fun with their music. We'll keep an eye on 'em and report back as news dictates.

Speaking of news - there's new CD review of Moses Guest's 3-CD set, Home Or Arkansas posted.

Had the pleasure of speaking with Derek Trucks last week for the Relix book. Got some great quotes about the Allman Brothers interactions with Relix, and what it means for up and coming bands to appear in Relix, as well as the magazine's role as a link to a time many of today's music fans are too young to have experienced first hand. Very well spoken and informative, Trucks was alot of fun to talk to.

This week we're working on the March column for Jambands.com, as well as articles featuring the Big Wu, and Alley, lead vocalist of Wise Monkey Orchestra. Look for all that stuff next time.

'Til next time, that was this time... happy sailing!