report filed Monday 8/2/99 Monkey Biz #2

Sunday, 8/1/99 - 12:45 pm

It's the morning after a great show and everyone is still buzzin'... last night was an absolute blast! The seven headed rhythm monster had 'em swingin' from the rafters of the Ogden Theater 'til the wee hours. Big fun in a big room, with great sounds, way cool lights, and a wiggle happy crowd of Rocky Mountain groovemeisters... all on the same Wise Monkey wavelength. Hubba, hubba, hubba!


Headlining the Ogden was a big step up for WMO. Last time the band was in town, they played at Quixotes, a super kind Dead bar in Aurora, but its capacity is only around 150 people. Last night's crowd of over 325 people certainly didn't sellout the Ogden, but everyone there was totally immersed in the jams. Next time thru, there will be three times as many folks in the audience.

Right now I'm sitting outside at the foot of a ski run in Vail. WMO is doing an outdoor show today and at the moment it's blue sky madness. The next 48 hours should be among the mellowest of the tour. Today's gig is 3pm 'til 6pm. It'll be an early night from a performance standpoint... hard to say what'll happen after that.

For the mean time it's a whole-lotta-sun up here in Vail, and plenty of residual bliss lingering in the air from last night's high country spangle 'fest at the Ogden...

Monday, 8/2/99 - 12:50 pm
Downhill Reed navigates the mountain

Yesterday's outdoor show in Vail was truly a family affair. Sort of a picnic in the park with live music. Crystal and the kids were able to join in the festivities which made it fun for everybody.

In addition to the music, there was a "mountain board" company who had a free downhill run set up for anyone looking to surf the mountain. Of course Reed wouldn't allow any of the band members to make the run for fear of injury, but there apparently isn't a "no mountain boarding" clause in -his- contract. In any case, "Downhill" Reedo made his way down the mountain with only one wipeout...

The weather was perfect all day, at first real sunny and then some clouds drifted through to keep it cool. After the show, the band had drinks and dinner at one of the restaurants in the resort area. Nothin' like enjoying a tall glass of properly chilled Red Hook while gazing upon a panoramic view of the mountains.

A few of the band's friends came back to the condo for a little after hours socializing, but all in all, it was a pretty mellow night. I'm currently in the post-pancake, deep java zone, once again looking out on a spectacular Rocky Mountain view. We're staying in a decent, 3 bedroom condo with a fair number of beds and bathrooms.

Today is an off day so everybody is engaged in some sort of recreation. Reed and Seany went fishing, Scott and James are in search of mopeds to explore the town, hard to say where everyone else wandered off to. We're staying here again tonight and then it's off to Breckenridge. It's Timmy's birthday today and we're gonna hang out family style and have our own little party tonight...