report filed 11/25/99 - OK I lied. Well actually it wasn't really a -lie-, I had every intention of posting a few interviews on the site by now, things just didn't work out that way. Due to some computer problems, the launch of the much anticipated -Sound Booth- will be temporarily delayed. Fear not, it'll happen, just not this time.

Aside from getting the computer back up and running, I've been busy pounding out articles. Over the past few days, I've had the opportunity of interviewing Las Vegas guitar slinger Steve McCoy of Soul Festival, and also Charlie from Dexter Grove, for a couple of upcoming features in the LV Weekly. If things work out, I'll also get a chance to speak with someone from Tunji, that very cool groove generator out of Austin for an article previewing their upcoming show in Las Vegas.

Haven't really been out to too many shows over the past couple of weeks - been having too much fun getting settled and being productive here in OB. But I did make it a point to get out for Sector 9's show last weekend at Winstons, which is within walking distance of my new digs. As always, the 9's from Atlanta mixed techno beats and earthy grooves to come up with a really fresh, unique and highly danceable sound. Local trumpet phenom Carlos Washington from Karl Denson's Tiny Universe sat in for an extended mind blowing jam - the place was packed and the music was great!

So that's the news - looking forward to shaking my bones at the David Nelson Band gig at Winstons this week. Also going to be working on some CD reviews, in particular the new EP's from Strangefolk and Agents of Good Roots, as well as Viperhouse's live CD, Lap Hen, among others.

By the way, if you haven't had a chance to check out the new issue of please give it a look. The site has a cool new layout and I'd like to mention that this month's -Points on a Line- column is a reflection on some of the behind the scenes stuff from the recording sessions of Mark Huff's wonderful new album, 'Skeleton Faith.'

So that's the buzz - high volume production here in the 'Word Lab' of Anytime/Anywhere Studios, and a whole-lotta nature's glory goin' on just down the road a piece...

More later...