report filed 11/17/99 7:56 am - I've been back in O.B. for a couple of weeks. Getting lots of stuff done - here's what's new with the website:

*Lots of new -Artist Profiles-, including a new article on the Disco Biscuits, as well as features on: moe., Foxtrot Zulu, Toni Brown, and more.

*There's also a new batch of -CD Reviews-, looking at the recent releases from: Keller Williams, Widespread Panic, Jiggle the Handle, Mickey Hart's "Bali Sessions," Phil and Friends, Soiree L'Orange, and many more.

*Under the -Anytime/Anywhere- section of the site you'll find:

-the complete archive of "Points on a Line," the monthly column for, and

-"Splash Page, volume one," a new photo gallery

As if that wasn't enough to keep you busy while we finish up this round of website refurbishment (yes, there's more coming soon!), there's a variety of carefully selected new links to check out for your web surfing pleasure.

In the mean time, our lab technicians and audio engineers are busy at work putting together our online sound studio. This new feature of the website will progress in a series of stages, with the first installment shaping up for a launch within the next several days. First up - interviews with some of your favorite musicians posted in Real Audio for your -listening- pleasure, after that, well, at this point, mum's the word.

So there ya go. Have a look at the new stuff - and check back soon for the interviews...