WMO Hits the East Coast Like a Hurricane

report filed 9/17/99 8:13pm - Right now we're in upstate New York. Glens Falls to be exact. We've been on the East coast for a few days and for a little while we had hurricane Floyd on our heals. Although we didn't really have any violent weather, it was pretty wet when we flew into Baltimore on Tuesday.

After spending the night at a motel, Reed and Chad picked up the two RVs that will convoy this tour as a traveling groove armada while the rest of us hung out with the luggage. Lots-o-people and gear in motion on this trip. Chad, Alley, their two kids, Heidi the baby sitter, Ed and Jarrod (Chad and Reeds' cousin), are traveling in their 32' land yacht. Reed and Scotty Manicotti are splitting shifts driving our luxury motor coach, which in addition to myself, is the rolling home on wheels over the next week for Tim, Scotty Homan, and Ag.

The sound tech guys, Big Board Bob, James and Sean, are traveling separately in the van with all the equipment. The plan is for them to get to the venue in advance of the band at each gig and set up all the mics, amps and recording stuff before the band arrives.

We pulled into Drexel Hill, PA, for the first show of the tour at JD McGillycuddies, and hooked up with Scotty Manicotti and Big Board Bob - our faithful road warriors who hauled the band's gear across country in the van right after the Tempe show on Saturday.

My good buddies Fritz and Mary came out to the show for their first dose of monkey biz and kick up their heels with the seven headed rhythm monster.... always a pleasure to hang with two of my favorite homegrown amigos! A monkey fan named Adam was bopping around the room sporting an "OB" sticker (the logo of WMO's home town, Ocean Beach in San Diego), much to the delight of the band.

Fritz and Mary
"OB" Adam

A couple of other old friends of the band, Hardy the 'Washington General," and also Delores, were in the house. Delores brought the most -incredibly edible- batch of chocolate chip cookies as well as dozens of extra tasty carrot cakes for the boys and girls on the trip. After the show we sailed the armada over to Delores' house for some after show festivities.

Hardy the 'Washington General' and Reedo

We got an early start in the morning (the RVs are Reed's road dream: he doesn't have to wake anybody up to hit the highway), and rolled into Buffalo right around 4:20. That was last night... and a fine night it was.

The incomparable Keller Williams was also on the bill at Nietzche's, a friendly little north country bar. Hypnotizing the crowd with his unique 10-string 'techno-acoustica' guitar stylings and wildly creative lyrics, Keller was outstanding as always.

After scorching through a masterfully played set of their west coast grooves, the monkey finished their set with a rousing cover of the Black Sabbath classic, "Sweet Leaf." It was a fun night that was made even more special because it was Heidi's birthday.

We're getting close to showtime tonight, here at the newly opened M.T. Muggs. Rumor has it that there's a phone line I can access somewhere around here to get on the net and post this journal entry... if you're reading this, that means I not only found it, but that the darn thing actually works.