Rain Dance - WMO's Tempe Show Moves Indoors

report filed 9/13/99 8:20 pm - Tonight is the calm before the storm. and as it turns out, the calm -after- the storm as well. Last night we were in Tempe and the weather just refused to cooperate. Although the rain was our companion for most of the drive from Durango to Tempe, when we pulled into town the weather was pretty good.

The two opening bands, "Pollywog," and "Major Lingo," both played, but Lingo's set was shortened due to the rain. The decision was then quickly made to move the music indoors, and although the crowd would only be about a tenth of the size that it would have been outside on a nice night, taking cover inside was the best way to salvage something positive from the gig.

As is always the case in Tempe, lots of monkey fans from the band's very early years were in the house, including artist extraordinaire, Mark McDowell. Mark is well underway with the painting for the cover of WMO's next studio album, scheduled for release sometime next year. Also partying with the monkey in Tempe, "Uncle Phil" and his wife, who were in town all the way from New York. All in all, it was a festive evening indeed.

After the show Scotty Manicotti and Big Board Bob loaded up the van with all the gear and headed East. We'll catch up with them in a couple of days in Maryland. Yesterday morning Reed and Sean drove back to San Diego with Chad and Alley, while the rest of us piled into Ed's SUV. Got back to O.B. just in time to catch the Browns get their butts kicked on TV and then made an early night of it.

So that's the news. Today everyone was off on their own, getting ready for the big trip ahead. The plane leaves out of San Diego at around noon. From there it's eleven shows in twelve days back East. Should be an action packed tour with lots of unexpected twists and turns along the way...