Wise Monkey Orchestra

Its Alive!


Over the past seven years, Wise Monkey Orchestra has paid its dues in the music clubs of southern California, building a loyal, almost cult-like following drawn to WMO's highly danceable funky grooves and unique brand of "sophisticated hippie" Zen. Although WMO can extend their jams to the far reaches of the galaxy with the best of the emerging "Groove" genre, few bands, if any, have developed such a distinctive style and effortlessly mesmerizing music.

Its Alive!, WMO's 2nd independent CD release successfully captures the joyful "Fukengruven" essence of their live shows, complete with a soulful, deep and powerful female vocal pitched against a backdrop of shimmering wah-wah guitar funk and a horn section which simply transcends genre. The WMO horns can blow scorching, emotionally charged solos which invoke the spirit of Coltrane, explore "other worlds" through ethereal flute and playful slide trombone melodies, or lay down syncopated rhythms so sweet, slick and infectious that even the most rhythmically challenged listeners will find themselves monkeying around on the dance floor with a new found confidence,

Its Alive!, its Wise Monkey Orchestra, and its a very, very good thing.

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