Wise Monkey Orchestra

Make Believe


Wise Monkey Orchestra is in top form on -Make Believe-, their 3rd independently produced CD. Relentless touring over the past few years has given the seven-headed-rhythm monster from Ocean Beach a robust, at times omnipotent onstage confidence. That same sonic swagger has now carried over to the recording studio.

"The Truth" opens -Make Believe- with a trap drum cymbal talking to a conga. Sultry and soulful female voice intonations float over a jazz-funk guitar riff. A chunky clavinet rolls rhythm while the bass bumps and grinds below. Every once in awhile, a superbly charted horn-section kicks the jam into a state of groovus-maximus. And that's just the first song! Whether the music drifts through dreamy, existential space ("Smog"), saunters elegantly through smooth-bop ("Blues For Jordy"), or warp speeds into an in-your-face funk explosion ("Jerry's Tune"), WMO has a -sound- that blends the decadent spirituality of life on Southern Cal's beaches with the swanky syncopation of a New Orleans Mardis Gras. Even when they -Make Believe- WMO is for real, and so is this delightful album.

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