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Everybody familiar with Strangefolk knows they can sing. Sweet harmonies and passionate melodies have always been their calling card. And Strangefolk has always been known as good songwriters too. More radio friendly than most jambands. What a lot of folks may -not- know about Strangefolk though, is that the two guitar, drums and bass quartet out of Burlington, Vermont, can also rock with the best of 'em.

'Live,' was recorded this past Summer at the Fourth Annual Gathering of the Vibes Festival in Bridgeport, Connecticut. John Siket of Dave Mathews Band fame mixed the tracks. A five song, 50 plus minute "EP," 'Live' includes just a handful of tunes, but a nice mix nonetheless. There's a few songs from each of Strangefolk's first two albums, as well as a pair of new compositions. And the music is first rate. Rocking out longer and harder than they do in the studio, Strangefolk puts on an energized performance, combining stop-on-a-dime dynamics with solid musicianship and their trademark - superlative singing. Released by Mammoth Records as a limited edition, promotional CD in advance of Strangefolk's soon-to-be-released, full length -studio- album, 'Live' is not available in stores and can only be had for a limited time directly from the record label. The good news though is that all five tracks can be downloaded in Liquid Audio from the band's website free of charge. However you get it, get it quick. This one will soon be a collectors item.