self titled

review = b+

Soundstream may be from Las Vegas, but their music is inspired by far and distant lands. Imagine the swirling, low end modulations of a didjeridoo buzzing like a bumble bee in heat - urgent but aimless. For a moment, thatís all you hear. Then, as if to answer, lonely whispers of a single drum begin to beat. Quietly at first, then louder. Now the sound has structure. Another drum joins in. Textures and tones of a flute, guitar and bass start to float melodically around the pulse of percussion. Electricity crackles. Musicians and dancers exchange energies as the lush sound stream of audio exotica now shimmers with a life of its own. Comprised of percussionists Bill Mcallister and Jimbo Gehris, multi-instrumentalist Chris Daniel (guitar, keyboard, percussion), Winston Murray on flute, and bassist Greg Oliver, Soundstreamís self titled debut exudes a tantric passion that falls somewhere between the soothing, yet castrated emotional detachment of New Age, and the hot and sweaty sexuality of World Beat. Music for the mind and body, as well as the soul. And itís all home grown. Recorded locally at Alien Audio, and mixed/produced by Vegas scene kingmaker Mike Sak (Goo Goo Dolls, Big Bad Zero), Soundstream has created one of the rare neon city recordings that will still sound good 100 years from now. But you donít have to wait that long to hear it - the official CD release party is scheduled for June 30th at Legends Lounge.