Sector 9
Interplanetary Escape Vehicle

review = b+

Sector 9's music has way too much soul to be called fusion. Way too many dynamics to be considered techno. At times ambient, mysterious and ethereal, others funky and playful, the instrumental grooves of Sector 9 travel in a lot of different directions. With these guys though, it's not so much -where- they go, it's -how- they get there.

'Interplanetary Escape Vehicle,' is Sector 9's debut release and an impressive one at that. There's a fresh, vibrant energy pulsing through each of the album's eight tracks. Even in its more meditative moments, the intensity of the music is captivating. And when they wanna rock, it's time to buckle up, because it's hard to hold on when you're being launched at warp speed into another dimension. Underlying all the various audio explorations is an unspoken spirituality - an abstract expression of the heart and mind that's sophisticated yet accessable. Credit the quartet from Athens, Georgia, for their skillful chops and liquid fire chemistry. Individually navigating the drums, bass, guitar and keyboards into a synergistic unit, Sector 9 blasts off - an Interplanetary Escape Vehicle sonically engineered to explore the far reaches of time and space.